Residents Blast Hatzalah Ambulance Garage


Woodmere, NY – Some Woodmere residents are fighting against the construction of an ambulance garage in their residential area.

The garage would house vehicles from Hatzalah of the Rockaways and Nassau County, an ambulance organization that serves members of the Jewish community. Neighbors say the garage would be too big for the area, cause traffic problems and drive down the value of their homes.

Hatzalah’s coordinator, Rabbi Elozer Kanner, says the corps places ambulances in residential areas to speed up response time. Currently, Hatzalah is using a synagogue parking lot, but Kanner says the temperatures of the ambulances can’t be regulated. 

(YWN previously posted an article on January 28 from the Jewish Star about this.)

(Source: News 12)


  1. I do not understand what the neighbors are upset about, the proposed garage is facing a main street, it is less than 100 feet from a commercial strip that has two gas stations and three car repair shops and stores etc…. Also, from the pictures it is designed to look like a residential house????

  2. Why dont they use the empty gas station on Peninsula Blvd between Oakland and Branch Blvd? It is between the Animal Hospital and the new shteeble that opened in the storefronts next to Pickwik. It is vacant land on a busy street that cant be used for much else. I think this would alleviate a lot of the issues the local residents have but still solve the problem of having an appropriate garage for the necessary ambulance(s) in the neighborhood. This space is just a few blocks away from where they are currently parked in the shul driveway. Many people have voiced this idea and I strongly believe it should be looked into more thoroughly.

  3. Apparently, one of the neighbors who went to court against the garage had a heart attack while leaving, and a hatzolah member saved her life. how is that for hakaras hatov?

  4. Huh? You never have to turn off an ambulance. It’s a diesel engine and doesn’t wear down. When I worked on an ambulance we kept them outside for 24 hours, only ever bringing them to the garage for routine maintenance.

  5. reb chashuvyid – it seems these ambulances are B”H not used constantly 24-7 – only available 24-7. they need to be indoors to protect them from the elements and start up right away , snow, rain, ice or shine ( with no down time to clean them off). They need to start up and run properly. I found out that each of these ambulances with the equipment costs in excess of $150,000. if you had a car that cost half that much you would want it garaged, especially if that car was needed to save lives.

  6. sbs2010 – I am sure that they probably tried to get the best lot for the best price taking location, and safety into account. Even Hatzolah does not have unlimited funds ( as far as I know). it seems like a double standards, we depend on these people to treat us , Rachmionah Lizlan , in cases of life and limb emergencies , we turn to them for help and guidance for these important issues. We do not second guess them in these areas of medical necessity. Why should we second guess them with the location of the garage they deem necessary so that they can properly protect our community.

  7. Your Sister – actually I spoke to someone who was there – a non hatzolah memeber – he told me that the women who had the heart attack was actually the expert witness that the opposition hired. Apparently, right after her testimony she collapsed. The guy told me that he heard the Nassau County PD paramedic say that if not for hatzolah she would be not be alive. Must have been a serious heart attack, I hope she is ok.