Bloomberg Blasts New Arizona Immigration Law: We’re Committing National Suicide


A fired-up Mayor Bloomberg warned the U.S. “is committing national suicide” by passing the buck on implementing comprehensive immigration reform.

Hizzoner delivered the blunt message Wednesday as he criticized Arizona’s harsh new anti-immigrant law.

“This is not good for the country. I don’t agree with it,” he said. “We love immigrants here.”

Bloomberg said that because federal lawmakers have failed to tackle the thorny issue, lawmakers in states like Arizona have taken matters into their own hands.

“This country is committing national suicide,” Bloomberg said.

The Arizona law allows cops to stop anyone they think is in the country illegally and arrest folks who can’t prove their immigration status or citizenship.

Bloomberg deemed it an invitation to harassment.

“We have to get real about the 12 million undocumented here,” the mayor said. “We’re not going to deport them. Give them permanent status. Don’t make them citizens unless they can qualify, but give them permanent status and let’s get on with this.”

He called on President Obama to lead the fight to overhaul the nation’s immigration rules. “I will be there behind him supporting him 100%,” he said.

Bloomberg long has been a supporter of immigration reform, saying current law deters international companies from sending employees through border hassles to work in the U.S. – and freezes out the highly skilled immigrants America needs.

“We don’t have doctors, and we’re not allowing people who want to come here and be doctors to come here,” the mayor said. “This is just craziness.”

“People are developing new drugs in India, rather than here. They’re going to win the next Nobel Prize in China or in Europe, not here. If we want to have a future, we need to have more immigrants here.”

(Source: NY Daily News)


  1. Perhaps even worse, it forces Hispanics (most of whom, at least among the new immigrants, are hard working, family-oriented, upwardly mobile, social conservatives) into the Democratic party. The large number of highly visible hard working immigrants is the strongest argument for liberal immigration, and especially for people with long roots in North America (most of the new Hispanics are American Indians) and who are part of Judeo-Christian culture to begin with.

    Perhaps they should go back to the old rules (under which most Jews got in) under which anyone who can honorably support themselves (meaning stay off welfare and stay out of jail) is welcome. If they reinterpreted the 14th amendment so that children of aliens don’t automatically become citizens (unless their parents do), they could welcome anyone who wants to a living, and require a record as a law abiding taxpayer in order to get a green card (in effect, allow tourists and students to work in order to build up a record to warrant a change to an immigration status).

  2. Bloomberg once again shows his hatred for freedom and hatred for this country which he wants to see destroyed.

    Gentiles love to use those like him as examples of how Jews ruin countries and why in their antisemitic opinions “the Jews need to be kicked out”.

    This mayor is lying through his teeth in everything he said here.

    #1 “we” love immigrants?
    If they were Chassidic Jews and or White Europeans, sneaking accross the border and no one else, he would be screaming to close the border and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

    #2 Bloomberg obviously has no concern whatsoever for the innocent victims of the gang violence and kidnappings done by MS-13 and other international gangsters from accross the border.

    Arizona is the number two kidnapping capital of the world, second (I believe) to Mexico City.

    #3 This is not about “immigrants” it is about breaking and entering.

    Mr Mayor, what part of
    “”””””””ILLEGAL (immigration)””””””””” don’t you understand?

    #4 This law is only to allow the police to question about their legal status in this country only once they are already in custody for some other crime.

    It has absolutely nothing to do with a cop saying to his partner, while on patrol; “That guy looks Mexican, lets stop him and demand to see his papers”.

    #5 We ‘should’ deport the illegals who are here already.
    This garbage about not being able to deport them is more propaganda.
    They got here, they can be gotten out (at least most of them, if we would really try).

    #6 What country wants to import workers into a depressed economy where every business is constantly under attack with increasing regulations designed to eventually destroy all private business?

    #7 Mexican Doctors are illegally crossing the border?
    Get real!!!

    #8 Yeah new drugs are being developed by the talent crossing the border illegally.
    New drugs like Ice and Crystal Meth and new potent strains of Pot.

    We need those drugs and their “development” like holes in the head.

  3. he is so pathetic.
    every point of his is wrong:
    allowing illegals to stay only encourages more.
    there are so many peole very bright students i know trying to become doctors but they dont take so many, & theyre trurned away.
    lastly, the KNOBLE PRIZE, ha what a complete joke

  4. Well said, mayor!

    The gemora in Sanhedrin (109b) says that one of the Rishus of the people of Sodom was that they did not want foreigners coming to their land, because they were wealthier than their neighbors, and were afraid that they’ll get poorer if the foreigners move in. According to Ramban in parshas Vayerah (dibur hamaschil “vened’ah osam”), despite the fact that anshei sdom committed many aveiros, what sealed their destruction was the fact that they were anti-immigration.

    If HKBH can provide parnosso for 300 million americans, isn’t he able to provide for 312?

    Unfortunately, many of the prevalent hashkofos in our oilam are straight from Rush Limbaugh’s mouth rather than from the Torah…

  5. All bloomberg is, is an opportunist,reading this article he comes across incoherent at best,like he always does. never any facts or solutions just a bunch of nonsensical talk

  6. Bloomy, we are committing national suicide when we follow your lead of big government with lots of constricting regulations on citizens so please shut up when you OBVIOUSLY are talking from your backside. The AZ law only ENFORCES the FEDERAL law that has been on the books for 70 years!

    The stupidity on the left is amazing. They complain about having to show ID but we all show ID just about every day. We show ID when we travel, give a check, pay with a CC, etc. if someone is pulled over for an offense, they are asked for ID ANYWAY!!

  7. Yes Mr Bloomberg we love LEGAL immigrants here. the law is against illegal immigration. If you look at the facts the illegals cost us a lot more then the add back to the economy!!!!!

    GREAT, Pres Carter allowed several hundren thousand illegals to become legal citizens and now the guesstimate of illegals is over 12 million. Sure we can find legit Americans jobs. So lets make these additional 12 million citizens seeing how we have so many open jobs that need filling and the economy is doing so well!!!!

    At this rate, the revolution will start soon. IMO this is not a good thing. maybe time to make

  8. The only reason why immigrants come here illegally is because they are not given a proper chance to enter the country legally.

    Most unskilled workers will never be given a working visa, even if they are honest and hard working.

    If you want change, so change the way the country handles the immigration applications.

    Harassing foreigners is plain rishus!

  9. To paraphrase a radio host who I practically despise, I cannot argue with this logic that a writer of his must have come up with:

    America was meant for the benefit of American citizens; not citizens of other countries. We encourage people from other countries to come here, and to regulate that, like other countries, we have a Department of Immigration that is based on laws which are designed to monitor proper immigration.

    And I will add, “Illegal means against the law.”

  10. To the poster of comments #4 and #8

    Don’t you have it better then some other people?
    Aren’t there homeless people you could take in?

    Do you call yourself “rasha” with the midda of S’dom, because you do not take in anyone and everyone, who wants to live in your house and have it better then they do, now?

  11. Quoting Sanhedren?
    How about quoting Halacha, like don’t steal.

    Or how about from the Ten Commandments, which also say don’t steal; but in that case, ‘steal’ means not to kidnap, which is what these illegal drug gangs, comming illegally accross the border, excell in.

    We have absolutely no halachic obligation to provide free welfare and free medical care and free everything else, at taxpayer expense to the rest of the world who wants to come here.

    What is chessed?
    Us becomming impoverished, or us helping other countries to form the same capitalist and free system, that made this country, so rich, in the first place.

    It is not simply a case of having 12 milllion more hard workers among 300 million.

    It is a case of very many of those 12 million who have a decidedly anti American agenda, with racist antisemitic groups like La Raza which has sided with the Arabs and other antisemites and also has publically declared California to be the property of Mexico.

  12. Supporting illegal gangs which come here and kidnap women to sell accross the border into a short and horrific life, is plain rishus.

    Sure we could legalize them all, and the problem would only intensify.

    We could solve all crime that way, lets just make everything legal and we will isntantly wipe out all illegal activity and we can empty the prisons that way, and save the taxpayers billions of dollars.

  13. To hereorthere:

    1) Sdom wasn’t destroyed for not bringing homeless people into their homes. It was destroyed for trying to stop the immigration of people to their land. See the Ramban and the Gemora for yourself. Don’t try to incorrectly expand the issue to try to justify yourself.

    2) It’s highly questionable whether the percentage of crimes among the illegal alien population is greater than it is among the rest of the population. Do some research and you’ll see contradictory information. Also, most illegal aliens have not been involved in any kind of crime, so don’t generalize.

    3) We’re only providing some free services to illegals because we have not allowed them to become legal citizens. Legalize them and most will be honest, tax paying and hard working citizens (As most latinos in the US are).

    4) Re: #13, Legalizing immigration does not mean to legalize gangs or empty prisons. It means to give a chance to honest, hardworking foreigners to make a living in this land.
    If we can have 6-10 kids per family and not worry about whether there will be jobs for them in the future (that’s what bitachon is), then why do we worry so much about immigrants? Be consistent in your ir’as shomayim.

    Yes, let’s have more law enforcement for real crimes, but leave alone those whose sole crime is to seek appropriate sustenance to their families
    in this land.

  14. commonsense, one of the largest populations in the prison system today are illegal aliens. Read some statistics. But, for you to twist and mischaracterize the issue is criminal in and of itself.

    Go talk to the family of that poor rancher in Arizona who was shot to death by an illegal alien who was a drug dealer. Take your pontification down there and don’t subject us anymore to your liberal, leftwing propagand.

  15. to #15,
    I’ve read some statistics and there’s no consensus.
    Besides that, the mexicans are not the only ones affected by these anti-immigration laws.
    There are thousands of yidn throughout the world who would love to move to the U.S. were they able to.

  16. #14 Are you saying that both (or either) the Ramban, and/or Gemarra specifically said “immigrant of any kind”?

    Even if they did say that, are all other opinions in agreement on that subject?

    Is that what the Shulchan Aurich says?

    Is that the final halacha?

    So are you saying that Israel is wrong for not letting in all the Arabs who want to go in there?

    Also letting in homeless is the same thing as letting is illegal aliens, it’s just one is into a country and the other is into your personal home.

    What was the whole point of the story of Lot and how he was berated and threatened for bringing in guests into his house?

    What was the point of saying the people wanted to
    have perverse ‘elations’ with them?

    What does that have to do with immigrants into a ccountry if immigration was the reason (let alone the ‘only’ reason those citioes were destroyed?

    What was the purpose of talking about how they judged people, like saying that if someone hit someone with a rock he should be paid by his victim as “a bleeder and healer” for his ‘services’?

    I think you are quoting the Ramban and opinions (which may not be the final opinions) in the Gemarra to justify yourself.

    Finally what about Dina D’Malchusa Dina?

    Illegal means against the law.

  17. If all countries must allow into them anyone who wants to come in, then that is the same as saying no country is allowed to have borders or to defend those borders.

    I have never seen anything in Torah that has ever said such a thing.

    Even King David defended Israels borders and no Naavi ever rebuked him, for doing so, that I have ever heard.

  18. Also all illegal aliens by definition are criminals, that is why they are called ILLEGAL aliens.

    And once someone is willing to commin some crime there is no reason to think they would not commit other crimes as well.

    Aveira guerarras averia, One leads to another.

  19. You are wrong about your claims that they get only some services and only because they are illegals.

    I know for a fact because I heard it directly from a rabbi who works with Russian immigrants who told me that they get free cable TV (this includes those who here legally) “in order to learn English” and that is just one of many benifits along with evry expensive apartments in some cases at taxpayer expense.

    Also if only a ‘few’ are causing problems then who are all those tens of thousands that show up at La Raza Rallies where they scream out that the entire Southwest “belongs to Mexico”?

  20. Finally about your last point do you know why some come here to get honest jobs?

    Because for less then minimum wage they can be hired and trained, insteda of hriing an Americans with experience or training one at minimum wage.

    If they were all legal, no one would hire them because for the same price they could hire others.

    I have heard from plumbers and auto mechanics that they cannot get decent jobs anymore because the illegals get them far cheaper for far less pay.

    If they were legal they would be undercut by still other illegals and the vicious cycle would never stop.

    This by the way shows how bogus the entire idea of a minimum wage law is.

    It’s just another liberal scam.

  21. commonsense, which statistics have you read, the ones inside a Cracker Jack box?

    The current number is 26% and rising in the federal penitentiary system. The Mexicans are not the only problem. There are Muslims who are sneeking across the border! Jihadists!! Kapitsch?

  22. To hereorthere:

    1) There’s no basis to disagree with the Gemora or the Ramban on that point. Prove me wrong.

    2) Yes, anshei sdom did many other aveiros but stopping immigration was the one that sealed their destruction. Look it up.

    2) No one is arguing that illegals have not followed Dina Demalchusa once(when they came in), but why harass them? Ok, give them a fine for that transgression or a few days in jail, but why more? Can you really compare the “crime” of looking for parnosso on the other side of the river to stealing or murdering? Why not advocate a change in immigration laws that would allow them to come in legally instead of celebrate their persecution?

    3) Allowing immigration does not equal not being able to defend the country. A country should have borders, but it should also allow immigrants to come in, on a sustainable basis (I doubt 3% is unsustainable…)

    4)Don’t bring Israel into their discussion. Their case involves pikuach nefesh on a national level.

    5) Again, if you think that immigrants should not have free services or special benefits, then advocate changes on those areas, not harassment such as the Arizona law.

  23. One more thing, what percentage of illegals show up at La Raza rallies anyway? 1%? 2%?

    Let’s put things in perspective and realize that not all republican hashkofos are emes.

  24. Your points, each one in turn:

    #1 We do not pasken from the Gemarra, now lets see you prove ‘me’ wrong.

    #2 Their aveira was stopping immigration of any kind, not just illegal immigration.

    Nowhere does it say that any country must be allowed unlimited immigration without any kind of restrictions on who or how many at one time can come in.

    #2 (the second #2) So you want a punishment that does not deteer the crime from happening.

    You might as well say you want no law stopping them.

    As I pointed out earlier, every job taken by an illegal alien, takes away from an American who by law must be paid more because of the bogus minimum wage laws.

    I might be more aggreable to allowing in more immigrants, if we eliminated the minimum wage laws so that immigrants and those of us already here legally could compete for jobs on an even playing field.

    Further what evidence do you have for the numbers who are so ‘honest’ and only looking for parnasso that makes you think it is ‘so many’ of them and not just a tiny few?

    If so many are so good, why don’t they change things in their own countries?

    There is no magic in America, the same sun that shines on America shines on Mexico and
    El Salvador and Kuwait and everywhere else on Earth.

    America prospered from free enterprise and it works everywhere it’s tried.

    They do not ‘have’ to come here to be free if they make their own countries, free.

    #3 3A) Allowing in unlimited immigration =a flood that cannot be contained or controlled.

    Instead of opening the gates on a dam it would be like blowing it up and allowing the entire contents tio sweep away the town below and kill many people and cause damage so massive it could perhaps be, unrecoverable.

    3B) If we allow everyone in, who wants in, it would be far greater then a mere 3%

    #4 It involves pikuach nefesh here too, people are dying from direct attacks by these increasingly powerful and unstoppable drug gangs.

    Also Al Queda and other political terrorists (as opposed to the drug gangs themselves, which are economic terrorists) can just as easily be smuggled in.

    Also the demographic and with it the culture and basis for teh countries foundation is being massively changed by so many who want to maintain ‘their’ culture and not assimilate as immigrants used to in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

    Further many diseases are bing brought it by immigrants both legal and illegal and spread through food handling in restaurants for example.

    Hepatitus and Teberculosis and leprosy (the modern version which cannot be cured (last I heard) and which causes all limbs to eventually fall off piece by piece.

    Besides that as I have already said, Arizona is the 2nd kidnap capital of the entire world.

    How is this ‘not’ pikuach nefesh?

    #5 5A) People are advocating changes in those laws about the freebees, a lot of good it’s doing, isn’t it?

    5B)Enforcing existing reasonable laws like controlling our own borders is far from “harrassment”.
    harrassment is what happens when illegals kill ranchers on the ranchers own property and the property owners are not even allowed to defend themselves and get sued by liberal lawyers when they do try and defend themselves from the criminal invasion.

  25. The proper question is not what % show up at La Raza Rallies (which in the area it’s held in could be 40% or more) but what % support such things?

    Lets put it another way, what % do you see opposing such rallies and the statements made in them?

    It’s far fewer by orders of magnitude, then there are supporting such groups, and their agendas.