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PHOTOS: Catskills Hatzalah New Building Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Catskill Hatzalah’s first garage opened following a Thursday ceremony in South Fallsburg. Catskill Hatzalah handles some 2,000 emergency calls per year with the bulk during the summer months, in Sullivan and Ulster counties as well as portions of Greene and Orange counties. They have 13 ambulances in use during the busy summer months and two to three in operation during the winter.

South Fallsburg was chosen as the location for the new 6,000 square foot facility because the land was donated as well as it being a central location. The building cost roughly $600,000 and that, too, was funded through donations.

Misaskim representatives are proud to have played an important “matchmaking role” between Hatzolah and the kind-hearted donor, Mr. Altman A”H, of this new facility.

It all began when Rabbi Schapiro (formerly of Bais Yaakov of Boro Park) set up a meeting in the Catskills between Misaskim and Mr. Altman to solicit funds for its organization. After several discussions with Mr. Altman, it became apparent that his philanthropic aspirations were…


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  1. Kol Hakavod Rabbi Shapiro! What a tremendous zechus! It’s just the way Hashem runs this world. Good people are given the zechus to accomplish good things!

  2. WOW!Thank u rabbi happy 2 c u doing what u do best, helping klal yisroel!may hashem give u the koach 2 help many more people just like u always did in bais yaakov of boro park.we miss you!

  3. I congratulate Rav Shapiro on his success and his untiring devotion to the klal.
    He is an inspiration to me as a Mechanech and a role model for all who uphold Torah values.
    Rabbi Chaim Hisiger
    Rochester, New York

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