Jerusalem Prosecutor Files Indictment Against Hamas-Affiliated Terrorists Responsible For Har Habayis Violence


The Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office filed an indictment against Nahad Zayyir of the Shabab al-Kaza organization, a religious organization that serves as a Hamas arm on Har Habayis. The Jerusalem District Prosecutor’s Office recently filed indictments against twelve of the organization’s activists, along with a request to detain them until the end of legal proceedings in their case.

In recent years, the organization’s activists have been instrumental in mobilizing violent incidents on Har Habayis, including violent incursions into the al-Aqsa mosque and clashes with security forces and visitors. Alongside the violent activity, the organization’s members also conduct social and organizational activities.

In recent months, the Shin Bet and the Jerusalem Police arrested several residents of eastern Jerusalem, activists of the Shabab al-Aqsa organization who were involved in an attempt to carry out violent activity against the security forces and visit Har Habayis. It should be noted that in October 2016, a policeman and a civilian were killed in a shooting attack carried out by one of the organization’s leaders, Mesbah Abutzaviah, near Ammunition Hill.

The arrest of the organization’s activists was the result of intensive intelligence and operational activity by the Shin Bet and the Jerusalem Police, which was intended to ensure free access to Har Habayis, to preserve the status quo on the site, and to prevent terrorist elements from undermining the security situation in the compound.

The prosecution is trying to have all the defendants held without bail.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)