LISTEN: Chabad Rabbi Of St Martin Says Irma ‘Destroyed The Island’ And “The Mikva Saved Us”

Hurricane Irma damage in St Martin on Wednesday


At least two people were killed when powerful Hurricane Irma swept across the Caribbean island of St Martin on Wednesday.

Rabbi Moshe Chanowitz says the Chabad House was destroyed, and they were saved by staying in the Mikva room.

Rabbi Moshe and Sara Chanowitz
The Chabad House in St Martin

Additional Videos and Photos of the wreckage in St Martin: 

(Nat Golden – YWN)


  1. I got to know R’ Moshe during my time as a medical student on one of the nearby islands. He is a Eved Ha’Shem with a wonderful heart who does so much for the island of S. Maartin, as well as the nearby islands of Anguilla, Martineqqe, Saba, St Kitts, Nevis etc.. Kosher food, Shabbat meals, Chanukah parties, Pesach food, he does it all with a smile, and an extremely limited budget. He never asked me for a dime and I’m positive he doesn’t ask for a penny from the other students. He is one of the 2 people I know who work 100% Le’shaim Shamayim with the primary goal of bringing ruchniyus to a spiritually devoid island (the other person is his wife Sara).
    He has been trying for years to build a new Chabad house and I cant even imagine how much of a setback the storm put him in (I messaged him, but have not yet hears back yet). Please go to and click on the donate button, as I’m POSITIVE that he can use much financial assistance. Tziku Le’Mitzvos

  2. ThGoq – both spellings are correct. The island is split between the French and Dutch, and while the Dutch spell it St. Maarten, the French spell it St. Martin.

    an Israeli Yid