PHOTOS: See How The Chickens Are Treated At The Kapparos Center In The Lakewood Belzer Community


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  1. The picture may be misleading, it looks worse than it is, so thanks YWN for the negative news, we don’t need anymore the animal rights preachers, we finally have our own, shame on you

  2. @chymee Clearly you are just a hater, or missing screws. Or possibly both. YWN seems to pointing out that this Kapaaros place is treating the chickens like a 5 star hotel, food, water, not kept in tiny crates….it’s beautiful. But along comes a self-hating Jew like yourself and is choshed bichsheirim YWN in public. Erv Yom Kippur nonetheless.

    Shame on you.

  3. @chymee… ywn is FOR animal rights, if you go according to these photos. They are beautiful and a true kiddush Hashem (the greatest form of kiddush Hashem is in front of Jews).

  4. Ooooooooooops, i take back my words, & apologise to YWN, I should be more positive,
    &to you Mr FERD, please calm down, I should hope you don’t speak to your closed one’s in this manner, one is bound to make a mistake,

  5. Ferd – it’s seems to me that it would have been enough to explain to chymee that YWN’s intention was to counter Peta’s constant barrage of anti-kaparos (read between the lines – antisemitic) attacks by showing a case where the animals are properly taken care of before kapparos. Peta for sure will not want to publicize this unless they can twist it for their own benefit.
    The truth is that while Peta is an organization of antisemitic, anti-humans extremists who place animals before humans, non-the-less, there is certainly an aspect of tzar baaleh chaim that needs to be upheld. Peta will regardless search for ways to attack kapparos no matter what. However, there’s no reason to keep the chickens in deplorable conditions prior to kapparos.

  6. I wouldn’t anticipate that the subjects of this photo would qualify as “free range chickens” to be marketed at wholefoods or served at those restaurants touting their “sustainable” and “tikun olam” credentials…Looks more like a photo taken on the NJ Turnpike where a truck carrying chickens overturned and the NJ Troopers used the crates to keep them on the median strip until another truck arrived to take them to the schlachthois….

  7. JJ2020= That would be spelled PETA, except if you belong to the counter-organization I started years ago, which IS spelled PITA. Stands for, People for the Ingestion of Tasty Animals.
    Ok, in this case it would be PPITA = Poor People for the Ingestion of Tasty Animals.
    They look like they are really enjoying their last meal before Mr Chalaf comes along to rid them of all their worldly sorrows. Gemar Chasima Tova