Migron Residents Packing & Leaving


Authorities have distributed eviction orders to the families of the Shomron community of Migron. In line with last week’s High Court of Justice ruling the residents must be out by Tuesday, 17 Elul 5772 and their homes must be razed no later than 24 Elul.

The residents are not resisting and they do not appear to plan to compel a forced eviction as 16 of the families have already moved to the Nachlas Binyamin School in nearby Ofrah, a temporary move until their new temporary home in the Psagot Winery will be ready in the coming days.

Authorities are pleased that the residents are complying with the High Court order. A number of occupants of the nearby Ramat Migron Outpost have been ousted by authorities. As in past evictions, there is a large presence of security forces in the areas to prevent people from coming to assist the residents by leading or inciting a resistance to the eviction.

Officials believe that by Sunday night there will not be anyone living in Migron.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. It is good to see consistency.

    Some frum Israeli hold that the Medinah is the begging of geulah, and are mesiras nefesh in their support of zionism.

    Other frum Israelis hold that the Medinah is a grave threat to the survival of the Jewish people, and are mesiras nefesh to learn Torah and do Mitsvos and to show their non-support of zionism.

    At least the zionists are consistent in the administration of justice. They persecute all religious Jews regardless of whether they are for or opposed to zionism.