Peleg-Affiliated Yeshiva Gives Shiurim Outside IDF Prison 6


Hundreds of talmidim from Yeshivas Knesset Yitzchak in Hadera on Wednesday, 5 Cheshvan, gathered outside IDF Prison 6 where Peleg deserters are being held. When they are arrested at protested, their ID numbers are put into the system and in the case of some, it was learned they are wanted by military authorities for failing to report for duty.

In addition to the limud Torah at the location, the talmidim heard words of chizuk from Rosh Yeshiva HaRav Yehoshua Erenberg and Mashgiach HaRav Tuvia Novik.

“We left the yeshiva to be under the sky between mountains, near the prison, in order to declare that we are opposed to the actions of the government, which wanted to deprive us of our essence as bnei Torah,” Rabbi Novick said. “There is no greater enemy to Israel and Torah than those who try to sever the Jewish people from the holy Torah.”

Rabbi Novick added that “there is no way for any government to cut us off from the Torah, because they will not have a right to exist, but still like the Tanna Rabbi Akiva – they sometimes need to comb us with iron combos in the attempt to sever Israel from their Torah.”

The mashgiach of Knesset Yitzhak added at the end of his speech that “we identify here with our brethren who are suffering more than us, and thus declare that no act of disconnection from the Torah will succeed and we will be moser nefesh and never move from the Torah”.

The students then began dancing and returned to the yeshiva in Hadera.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. That’s right. The holy Torah is itself our prop, for without it, we would fall.
    The unholy IDF, on the other hand, is a pitfall, for the blatant immorality is exactly what the Torah says will cause Hashem to drive us out of His land.