PHOTOS: Peleg Affiliated Rosh Yeshiva Delivers Shiur Outside IDF Prison 6


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Peleg-affiliated Yeshivas Knesset Yitzchak, Hadera, headed by HaRav Yehoshua Erenberg, held shiurim outside IDF Prison 6 on Wednesday in a showing of solidarity with the imprisoned Bochrim.

The Rosh Yeshiva plans to continue doing so to give support to Peleg-affiliated talmidim whom have been arrested by military authorities for failing to register for military service – in line with instructions from Hagaon HaRav Shmuel Auerbach.


  1. perhaps it is time to begin judging the tens of thousands of bnei torah and talmidei chachomim who follow some of the greatest gedolei hador by there true actions in following daas torah instead of judging them by the few meshugoyim who use violence in direct defiance of the explicit directives of the peleg Yerushalayim leadership. I myself heard Rabbi Menachem Carmel (a leading figure in the Bnei Torah Party (Pelg) announce that they will legally represent all who are arrested for protesting (in the normal way it has been conducted during all the religious struggles since the states founding – btw there are pictures and letters from Rav Shach, Rav Elyashiv and Rav Shteinman all participating in such demonstration, in fact the one Rav Shteinman himself participated in Yaffo over cemetery desecration had much violence also – look it up) besides for those who engage in violence of any sort. don’t we all get upset when gentiles judge Jews based on the actions of a few? why do we do the same? Is it because we know deep down that this community actually live by the words of their gedolim – including internet use etc. as opposed to us who so often fail to? We must remember that the secular media – and unfortunately the religious websites that are prohibited by these gedolim – look for hours for the few meshugayim who act irresponsibly?

  2. Encouraging these boys to break the law, to be stupid and not register is in itself stupid.

    The fact that some one knows how to learn Torah better than me does not mean that he knows plumbing or medicine better than me. In the case of Peleg, they might be able to learn a good gemora, but in terms of living peacefully and giving off good vibes to the non religious, in terms of bringing their brethren back to serving haShem, they are far off and should not be listened to.

  3. To Mister BMG
    If you have any pics of Rav Elyashiv and (yibadel) rav Shteinman blocking buses and screaming “Shikser, shaygetz” at secular Jews, soldiers & policewomen plz post them. A lot of ppl will certainly change their attitude towards the peleg kooks if those pics will be publicized.
    Also i never heard of your menachem carmel. he does not qualifies as a Gadol= daas torah. his opinions are worthless. maybe he’s the retard behind all this lunacy

  4. Kidush Hashem???
    i think a real kidush H’ would be if they would go to a real base medrash and learn torah L’SHMA. dont make learning into a political statement. to me it’s disgusting

  5. Cue conflating of the very real threat of induction of yeshiva bochurim with the idiots who commit violence or protest inappropriately.

    Unfortunately, as this kind of protest gets little to no coverage, nor effect, so the street-blocking protests will continue.

  6. dear babakama – i didnt say there are pix of gedolim acting violently rather they participated and wrote letters in support of demonstrations that like these were not violent except for a few meshugoyim who acted violently against the directives of the organizers. the secular media spent hours searching for a few violent pix when they find them people who hate people that are frumer than them fall for it. how unfortunate that so did you!

    dear luckshen gugel – the Chazon Ish said: what is an example of a frum person who is an apikores ? One who says in matters of halacha one must heed the gedolei torah but in everyday matters (that gedolim rule upon) he need not
    i guess we could refrase the chazon ish’s statement “What is an example of a luckshen gugel thats an apikores

  7. Kudos BMG! A voice of reason in a forum that has lost it’s sanity a while back. I’m surprised YWN even put this up, it just might be the only article about peleg that doesn’t make them look like evil demons. Stop with the biased reporting.