Op-Ed: Congressman Nadler Betrays His Community



Natural disasters usually bring people together. Differences are put aside as everybody pitches in to help those who were hurt and suffered losses recover. And so it was with Hurricane Sandy. All aspects of our communities and neighborhoods worked together to assist those impacted by the storm’s devastation. Frum and non-frum, jew and non-jew, people crossed the lines that generally divide us to work for the common good.

Religious institutions were at the forefront of that effort, and so it was no surprise that there was broad bipartisan support in Congress for legislation that would allow religious institutions such as Shuls and churches to be eligible for the disaster aid distributed by FEMA. The bill passed overwhelmingly, by a vote of 352-72.

What was a surprise, and a very unpleasant one at that, was how Congressman Jerry Nadler voted. Congressman Nadler’s district includes Boro Park and Coney Island, and so he should know the important role our religious institutions play and the devastation cause by Hurricane Sandy. Despite that, Congressman Nadler voted AGAINST the bill to allow religious institutions to share in disaster relief aid. But he didn’t stop with voting against the interests of the people he represents. Not content with simply voting no, Congressman Nadler rose to the floor of Congress to give an impassioned speech trying to get others in Congress to vote no, or to at least get the vote delayed. What an outrage.

When the Oklahoma City bombings damaged churches years ago, the local Congressman sponsored legislation to make sure the churches could get their fair share of FEMA aid. Our Congressman not only wouldn’t sponsor a bill to help our community institutions and wouldn’t vote for a bill once it was introduced, he actively tried to get others in Congress to vote against it.

See the video below for a video of Congressman Nadler’s speech against the legislation to help our mosdos.

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Charles Schwartz – Brooklyn

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  1. Cong. Nadler has always taken a principled position against government funding of religious mosdos so this should not be a surprise. That has always been his position and he has not deviated from it depending on which way the wind is blowing. You may disagree with him but he has NOT betrayed his community since he was among the handful of local Congressman who fought for the full funding of the aid bill and he simply disagreed that funds should be diverted from the total for shuls, churces or other religious mosdos. Without his support, its not clear the funding bill would have gone through against the House Republican’s leadership opposition.

  2. There are still Frum people that assumed a socialist would be on their side? haha! Just because he wants to give out lots of money from the government and you want lots of money from the government doesn’t mean he wants to give YOU any money from the government.

    In other news: Deri spoke highly of Shelly the other day. I guess some people will never learn….

  3. Just remember friends…that if you live in Flatbush and Cogressman Turner (and before that Wiener) WAS your Congressman…most likely Congressman Nadler is your Congressman.

    Please remember this incident when 2014 (re-election) time comes.

    Does Congressman Nadler REALLY represent us?

    …and yes, he betrayed us

  4. “Without his support, its not clear the funding bill would have gone through against the House Republican’s leadership opposition.”

    This myth keeps getting repeated. The Republicans opposed the pork spending in the bill. They were fine with the aid part of the bill. Liberals are constantly looking to reframe Republican positions with little concern for facts.

  5. A few weeks ago I was at an orthodox synagogue in Manhattan for an afternoon minchah service and the shliach tzibur was Congressman Nadler! I would not have guessed it (I had never seen Congressman Nadler in person) except that the rabbi made a point of thanking him by name. (He did a great job.)