Bennett Likely to Become Minister of Religious Services


bennWhile the issue of deputy prime minister appears to be delaying the signing of coalition agreements, there are other changes that appear in the works. Bayit Yehudi MK Naftali Bennett will most likely be the next Minister of Religious Services, and Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan will be his deputy minister.

It was first believed that Ben-Dahan would be the minister, but as the number of cabinet ministers was cut in line with Yesh Atid’s demands, it was suggested that Ben-Dahan would be the deputy minister with ministerial authority, similar to the Yaakov Litzman serving as minister of health with ministerial authority in the outgoing administration.

Bennett will also be the Minister of Diaspora and Jerusalem affairs. The issue of he and Yair Lapid becoming deputy prime ministers has yet to be resolved.

What is certain is the fact that until the coalition agreements are signed, additional changes can be expected.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. To be exact, Bennett wil be ‘the holder’ of the ministry and harav Ben Dahan will be vice-minister ‘with no minister above him’. This is the mechanism by which UTJ MKs have operated within the government.

    Thus, MK Litzman is currently vice-minister ‘with no minister above him’ of the Ministry of Health while Bibi is he holder’ of the ministry.

    Harav Ben Dahan will have all the authority of a minister within the Ministry of Religious Affairs, but he will not have the standing of a minister outside of the ministry.

  2. “The issue of he and Yair Lapid becoming deputy prime ministers”
    This is some nerve. We must pray that Netanyahu not cave in even more to their demands. Aren’t all those ministeral posts these reshaim got bad enough, now these reshaim are demanding they get deputy prime minister and as soon as Netanyahu will be abroad they’ll take over as only they know how… Hashem yerachem.

  3. These aren’t “reshaim” or “anti religious” these are religious Jews. They are Datim rather than Charedim, but Datim observe the same Torah that Charedim do!

  4. #4 What exactly makes them religious? Their little kappeleh? If they’re out to destroy Torah and shmad other Jews by having them join a fardorbene Torahless atheist army, they’re reshaim and we must keep distance from these “Yiddishe Reshaim”. These “Datim” are Zionists first and then Torah. If a Zionist leader asks them to be mechallel Shabbos, as happened on several occasions, Bennett type of “Datim” have no problem with that. Check it out. The Satmar Rebbe zt”l among other Rebbes, warned about them.

  5. AThought- you are wedded to your satmerr/anti-zionist ideology. Fine- that is your right. However, your attgempt to paint anyone who does not agree with you as a ‘rosho’ is not only motzi shem ra but is totally stupid as the facts will contradict you!Your comments are nauseating.

  6. The Religious Zionists have a strong incentive to minimize the damage (e.g. limit sanctions to loss of yeshiva subsidies, rather than punitive fines and loss of civil rights). If they don’t they will force the hareidim to at the very least ally with the Labor and Arabs in a coalition that will be pro-welfare, anti-conscription, and probably not to sympathetic to the Dati Leumi agenda (especially as pertains to the West Bank). At worse, they will vindicate Satmar and Neturei Karta and force the hareidim to openly support a “single state” solution as the less of two evils, with the other evil being a zionist state that openly persecutes hareidim.

  7. #5 There is such a thing as Pekuach Nefesh verus Chilul Shabbos.
    Ask your Hatatzala EMT, Doctor, Ambulance Driver about the halachos,,,,,,you might learn something new.

  8. Ah, perfect. The man who sold out to the anti-religious for a shot at power is now the Minister of Religious Services. Can’t see how that could possibly go wrong.

  9. Little bit of history: for fifty years, the datim controlled the Relgious Ministry until about nine years ago when the Chareidim took over. When the srugim had control they had both srugim and chareidim in all position at all levels. When Shas got control they fired EVERY SINGLE SRUGIE FROM EVERY SINGLE POSITION and replaced them with chareidim. Now the chareidim are worried that Bennet will also “wrongfully terminate” them from their posts. Well, why shouldn’t he?

  10. For those that don’t know, bennet is not “dati” laumi. In his private life his only connectiom to yidishkiet is a small cipa, he doesn’t keep any of his makers guidlines, I won’t say more, but do some research