Illinois Police Agency Investigating Farrakhan Son


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pdcAn Illinois law enforcement agency is investigating allegations that the son of Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan holds a police department badge but hasn’t worked a shift in more than four years.

Director Kevin McClain of the Illinois Police Standards and Training Board says his agency started a preliminary investigation, prompted by a Chicago Sun-Times report.

The newspaper reports Monday that Mustapha Farrakhan drives a Harvey Police Department vehicle and has used it to help with traffic control for his father. It says Farrakhan has a Harvey Police badge and drives an unmarked squad car complete with flashing lights.

The police chief in Harvey, just south of Chicago, describes Farrakhan as a “volunteer” officer.

The Nation of Islam did not return a call for comment.



  1. If I volunteer with the Department can I get a police car and a badge? I’ll gladly help with traffic control as often as needed.