“The Siyum Is AMAZING!” WATCH: Rabbi Naftali Miller Shares His Personal Experiences


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There is no single event that has inspired us more than The Siyum. “What’s amazing is that The Siyum not only inspires during The SIyum, but it inspires before and after as well,” Rabbi Miller marvels. The Siyum transcends time and space by inspiring Jews around the world through our common pastime – learning Torah.

Hear Rabbi Miller talk about his amazing travels around the world to Paris, Panama, Mexico, Argentina, Canada and so many more, even he doesn’t remember them all. Hear what his children think he does for The Siyum, and why so many of the largest, most successful companies are partnering with this revolutionary expansion of Torah.

Although Rabbi Miller wasn’t sure if there would still be seats available by the time the video would be released (It was filmed just a few days ago), there still are very limited seats still remaining at MetLife Stadium.

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