WATCH: Arab MK Ahmed Tibi Thanks MK Gafne for His “Honest & Brave Statements”


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At the opening of a Knesset Finance Committee session on Wednesday morning, November 20, 2019, MK (Joint Arab List) Ahmed Tibi spoke, using the forum to thank the chairman of the committee, MK (Yahadut Hatorah) Moshe Gafne for his support and backing on Tuesday evening in his words regarding the members of the Joint Arab List party.

As the session was getting underway, Tibi decided to thank Gafne for his “honest and brave statements” in support of the Joint Arab List party, explaining “not every member of a bloc can be this brave.

Tibi added, “Throughout the years, “there has been fruitful collaboration with you and your listening to our needs has always been on the table. Your words were so important because there are leaders of other factions in the bloc who are still silent. They usually go to the Arab communities to ask for votes. You are not doing this, so your statement is true and pure. The president acted correctly when he mentioned your words.

“I am willing to hear difficult words from the president, because he speaks respectfully, for there is a way to express things when there are differences of opinion. We will be at the president at 11:45. If we have a part, even a small one, in that you are the chairman of this committee, I am proud of this.”

At the start of the committee session on Tuesday, Gafne began with words of support for the members of the Joint Arab List, who have come under attack of late, accused of “supporting terrorism”. Both Tibi and Gafne spoke out against this, with Gafne mentioning the delegitimization of them, stating, “From my perspective, the Arab tzibur for certain and the Arab lawmakers as well are legitimate.”

“I am saying what the many among us say. Politics is one thing and relations another. We will speak about this in the Yahadut Hatorah faction meeting as well,” Gafne concluded.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. It’s ongoing lesson for the mover-and-shaker politicos
    The other politicians on both sides of the pond are too busy with their self adulation
    how much pork they brought home for their own constituents And hanging around with the well-heeled

    For years and even decades various branches of Gafne’s constituent demographics could not Show appreciation
    For Gafne’s austere Spartan even-handedness in dishing out to all sectors of the National kaleidoscope
    for this decisive moment it now fortunately coming home to roost

    הזורעים בדמעה ברינה יקצורו

  2. Reb Gafni should do Teshuva and ask Mehilla for mothers who lost their sons to protect him
    and his friends so he shake hands with enemies who call the IDF war criminals. Shame on him and his party

  3. The mothers who lost sons should only know who to point their fingers at. They could start with the army chiefs and top politicians (secular or dati-leumi, all) who crafted this bizarre and suicidal policy of “tohar haneshek” which translated into real terms means “risk the lives of your soldiers just to make sure that there isn’t even the most miniscule chance that an enemy non-combatant is injured.” How many soldiers have died so that the IDF can call itself the “most moral army”? Of all the MKs responsible for army deaths, the UTJ and Shas members are the most innocent of all, so how ridiculous to single out Gafni.

  4. I actually agree with Joseph. Obviously, dealing with groups like Hamas is a non-starter as they just hate Jews. But, the Israeli Arabs have shown they can work with the Charedim, I think of their work together in Hatzalah. There is a concept of Ger Toshav. Also, I’d imagine it be preferable to have Arabs taking more jobs that require work on Shabbos etc. (gov’t medical etc.) to many Charedi Rabbonim. I don’t see how working together wouldn’t have positive benefits for both sides. Potentially supporting each other, Arabs supporting Charedim preferences regarding draft and Kollel stipends while Charedim support more jobs and security for Arab communities.
    Not to mention, I believe they are both growing relatively strong in comparison to other segments of the population.