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Erick Salgado Wins ‘Halachic’ Letter of Support

salgadoAs an underdog in the race for mayor, Democratic mayoral candidate Erick J. Salgado added Sunday evening a chip of the Orthodox Jewish vote to his drive for mayor of New York City. In a full page ad, obtained by YWN, Mr. Salgado is touted as the only choice for mayor in the Democratic primary, for Orthodox Jewish voters. “Mayoral candidate Erick Salgado is the only known candidate in the current New York City mayoral race, committed to safeguarding our moral values,” the letter of support, signed by 39 prominent Rabbis considered well respected in the Yeshiva world, and Hasidic community, reads.

“It is halachically (according to Jewish law) incumbent upon every Jew to assist Mr. Salgado’s campaign in its needs, in order for Erick Salgado to win the mayoral race,” The Rabbis write in their endorsement letter. “Every Jew, registered as a Democrat at the time of the Primary, is obligated to vote for Mr. Salgado.”

The current letter of support is the second of a kind where the Rabbis call it an obligation to vote for Mr. Salgado. At Mr. Salgado’s campaign kick-off on the steps of City Hall, his Jewish Liaison Joseph Hayon read a letter signed and authorized by some of the leading rabbis in the Orthodox community, in support of Mr. Salgado. “It is ‘mitzvah chiyuves’ (religious obligation) to support his campaign. It further obligates any jew who is not registered to vote to do so, in order to vote for Mr. Salgado in the Democratic primary,” it stated.

The letter was signed by Rav Avrohom Yaakov Nelkelbaum, Rosh Yeshivas Mir; Rav Benheoil, Rav of Bnei Yosef and Rosh Yeshiva of Mikdash Melech; Rav Elyahu Ben Haim, Rav of Yesodai Mahsad (5000 congregants) in Queens; Rav Shlomo Tzvi Stern, Debreziner Rav of BP; Rav Amram Klein, Ungar Rav; Rav Moshe Green, Rosh Yeshiva of monsey and Rav Yisroel Neuman, Rosh Yeshiva Lakewood.

Over the weekend, Mr. Salgado celebrated a new poll, conducted by Siena Research for the NY Times, showing him with a 50% increase of support since last month’s poll. Mr. Salgado, whose campaign was not found eligible for the City Campaign Finance Board matching funds program, has inched up ahead of former councilman Sal Albanese drawing into a statistical tie with embattled John Liu, who’s at 4% of registered Democratic voters.

Erick Salgado Jewish Support Letter by jacobYWN

(Jacob Kornbluh- YWN)

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  1. Baruch Hashem. Even though he has virtually no chance of winning, better to vote for him than the other reshoyim candidates who support rampant immorality.

  2. A vote for Salgado may make a statement that we agree with his moral values, but there is absolutly no chance that he could win the primary or general election. Considering the other candidates such a protest vote is worth considering.

  3. Does the Delgado campaign think Jewish voters in NYC are a bunch of sheeplach who will cast their votes because some rabbonim tell them to? This is not KJ where voters are incapable of analyzing ALL the issues in the election and deciding for themselves who will be the best chief executive for the city over the next 4 years. We are electing a mashgiach ruchani for New York. We need the candidate with the best combination of policy positions and managerial skills. Focusing exclusively on gay rights or any other single issue makes zero sense for Jewish voters, even frum Jewish voters.

  4. Aguda has their own Daas Kesef who see big dollars in supporting a Pervert Weiner or a Toayvah quinn. Because that’s where the big bucks are. What Torah values?

  5. To #3

    Your hatred for Torah & Talmiday Chachomim is well known by your comments in the past! Why don’t you just hang out by those “other” websites/blogs where they specialize in that?!

  6. If you look at all of the Rabbonim who signed Hagaon R. Yisroel Belsky Shlita did not sign which the Rosh Hayeshiva did for David Storobin last year. I wouldn’t be surprised if the person who went around getting these Rabbonims signatures misled them to signing by not mentioning to them that by voting for Salgado may improve Christin Quinns chances of winning & as we all know she is what we would call a Mishkav Zachor if she were a man. I would think that if the Gedolim would know this information they would agree with me & say look at the polls on Primary Day & vote for the candidate who has the best chance of defeating her. This is because if some how she gets past the Primary she may get elected as Mayor. Yes the other candidates may support Toeiva but at least they are not themselves Mishkav Zachors.

  7. In case anyone still had any doubts, it has become painfully clear that the powers that be are terrified of people thinking for themselves and are resorting to bully tactics in order to further their own agenda.

    I’m guessing certain askanim have promised this clown the “Jew” vote in exchange for certain conecssions from his administration (i.e. protection for certain kinds of criminals that the frum community refuse to admit exist)

    For the record, there are some other behaviors that the Torah describes as “Toyevah” but I dont see anyone trying to tar and feather the bug eaters, or the business cheaters/fraudsters that give other blogs so much to write about. Nope it’s those insidious toevahnicks that want to declare war on us and our moral way of life..I’m guessing people just like to hide behind Sefer Vayikra to justify their hate.

    Oh and I hope every organization on that list loses their 501 C-3 status.

  8. It is useful for us to remember what Rav Shimon Schwab, ZT”L, Rav of the Washington Heights Breuer’s kehilla told his askan the great Julius Klugman:

    When you go with Hakodosh Boruch-Hu, you are always the winner; when you go against Him, you are always the loser!

  9. as the person who originally spoke to Rav Belsky in 2007, I can tell you Rav Belsky has chosen to not involve himself in political matters. If you want to confirm this you’ll see that Rav Belsky didn’t give Mr. Storobin his endorsement for the Nov 2012 election.

  10. #5 I agree with you and probably most do so too. I wonder if he’s religious.

    #7 For your information toyevah immorality is much worse than bug eaters and business cheaters. Check it out.

  11. Victory on Sep. 10 (in the Democratic primary) requires a minimum of 40% of the votes cast.

    The likelihood of any of the 7 or 5 top candidates receiving this percentage is virtually nil. In other words, it is practically certain that there will be a runoff between the top two vote getters.

    If Quinn is one of the two in a runoff, voters would still be able to pull the lever for her opponent, regardless of how they voted on Sep. 10!

  12. “It is useful for us to remember what Rav Shimon Schwab, ZT”L, Rav of the Washington Heights Breuer’s kehilla told his askan the great Julius Klugman:

    When you go with Hakodosh Boruch-Hu, you are always the winner; when you go against Him, you are always the loser!”

    It is useful to remember that Hakodosh Boruch-Hu has not made an endorsement in the mayoral race, and also useful to remember that 501(c)(3)’s are not permitted to make political endorsements and also useful to remember that Salgado has zero influence on whether gay marriage is legal or illegal in NY.

  13. Gay relationships and marriages are increasing. If you don’t show your kids/family/neighbors, that it is disgusting to you (as it should be) then who is going to show the next generation how wrong it is? If we don’t fight this fight hard, there will be toeva relationships in your grandchild’s yeshiva. It’s not about the outcome in this political campaign, it’s about making a moral stand and reminding those around us what an abomination toevah is.

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