Israel Orders Anyone Arriving From Abroad Into Mandatory Two-Week Quarantine


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Monday that all arrivals from abroad, starting 8pm (Israel time), must self-quarantine for 14 days after arrival, regardless of the destination they arrived from.

“After a whole day of complex discussions, we’ve reached a decision: every person arriving in Israel from abroad must enter a 14-day quarantine,” Netanyahu told reporters. “This is a difficult decision, but it is necessary to maintain public health, and public health is above all else. The decision will be in effect for the next two weeks.”

The move went into effect immediately for Israelis, but will only be applied to non-Israelis beginning Thursday night, Interior Minister Aryeh Deri said. It is not retroactive for those who have already returned from trips abroad, according to officials.

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. eric55 – they are not insane, and I am relieved that they are doing this. Israel cannot afford to let coronavirus enter and spread like it did in China, and like is happening in countries like Italy. In China, over 80,000 became infected, of which over 3000 died. Fortunately for China, the government came down with an iron fist, shut down basically all movement in and out of the region, and was able to effectively stop its movement to another billion (!) people. It is reasonable to worry that if this virus quickly spreads to even “only” one million of Israel’s people, we would be talking about tens of thousands of deaths, or even “just” thousands. AND, if even a small fraction of the million need to be hospitalized, the sheer volume will overwhelm Israel’s hospitals. Just read what is happening now in Italy. At present, Israel has B”H managed to contain or seriously slow the spread of covid through aggressive intervention. We should all be exteremly thankful for this, despite the unfortunate economic consequences (the death of thousands, and hospitalization of tens of thousands would certainly leave even more disastrous economic consequences).