France: Head Of ZAKA: “A Large Percentage Of Victims Are From Frum Kehilla, The Situation Is Very Very Very Bad”


The head of ZAKA and the Chevra Kadisha in France, Harav Menachem Peretz, recorded an emotional video imploring frum Jews in Israel and abroad to heed the instructions of health professionals in the wake of the deaths of many members of the Jewish community in France due to the coronavirus.

“My brothers and friends in Eretz Yisrael and abroad: I’m Menachem Peretz, the head of the Chevra Kadisha and ZAKA in France.”

“I want to tell you what we’re experiencing every day in France. We have many many niftarim…there’s a very large percentage of Chareidi Jews among the victims of the coronavirus, traditional Jews who go to shul.”

“I’m requesting from you, achai v’reiyai, the situation is very very very serious…we very much hope for much better days but meanwhile adhere to the instructions of the Health Ministry. Adhere to the instructions of the doctors. Adhere to the instructions of the Rabbanim who also listen to the doctors and Health Ministry.

“Please don’t risk your lives and those of your relatives and the lives of people that you don’t even know. Please, I appeal to urgently.”

“Hakadosh Barch Hu should send a refuah sheleimah to all cholei Am Yisrael.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)