HEARTBREAKING: At Least 11 Niftarim Over Shabbos From Coronavirus In NY/NJ


YWN regrets to inform you of the Petira of at least 11 Frum people over Shabbos from COVID-19. The list of people in critical / serious condition is long, and YWN urges all our readers to see the list of names and say Tehillim.


Hagaon HaRav Shimon Susholtz ZATZAL, Mora D’asra of Cong Keren Orah in Kensington.


Reb Dovid Don Reiss Z”L. He was 77-years-old, and a prominent Belzer Chosid. He did not suffer from any previous medical conditions.

Reb Yisroel (Izzy) Fogel Z”L from Boro Park.

Reb Mordechai Zev Halberstam Z”L, 42-years-old, from the Bobover Kehillah. A FUND WAS SET UP TO HELP HIS ALMANAH AND 6 YESOMIM LEFT WITH NO INCOME WHATSOEVER.

Reb Yitzchok Banash Z”L. He was 50 years old. AN URGENT FUND WAS JUST SET UP FOR THIS NIFTAR – MAIS MITZVAH!

Reb Aharon Hersh Kleinman Z”L.


Reb Zvi Yehuda Schmidt Z”L, one of the owners of the Paskez Candy company.

Rabbi Chaim Weil Z”L. He lived on Hudson Street in Lakewood.

Mrs. Pacifico A”H. Her husband, R’ Alexander Z”L, was Niftar last week. They were originally from Los Angeles.


Rabbi Mordechai Gurary, Rov of the Chevra Shas Shul in Crown Heights was Niftar over Shabbos. He was 84 and was infected by the coronavirus.


Reb Boruch Hersh Feder Z”L. He was 73. The Niftar was a long-time Melamed in Satmar of Williamsburg.

Boruch Dayan HaEmmes…

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  1. “Heartbreaking”? Of course it is. Any loss of life is heartbreaking- but equally so is the callous disregard for the welfare of the זולת as exhibited by the overzealous yidden who insist on Davening b’tzibbur or gathering for weddings in spite of clear government instructions that forbid such assemblies.

  2. Why don’t the Rabbonim (at least temporarily) simply be Mevatel the entire Mitzva derabanan of Tefila Bzibur???? Pikuach Nefesh is docheh kol hatorah kula, kal vachomer a Mitzva derabanan!!!!! What are they waiting for?????

  3. Anyone participating in a minyan in these times will have blood on their hands. They may not know it but it will be the case., an they will have to justify their actions after 120 yrs. Good luck mit that

  4. For goodness sake can we please change the narrative here?!?!?!? Yes, we all agree that davening with a minyan in times like these is wrong. However we also all agree that Hashem is sending us a message with this whole pandemic. Do you really think the message he’s sending is “when there is a pandemic don’t daven with a minyan”? No!!! there are many other messages he is trying to send us. As long as we look at each death as proof that minyan is wrong, and not as a sign that we need to change, this will never end. Let’s stop reacting this way to each death, let’s start actually using it as a message to better ourselves.

  5. What people don’t understand is that you get a mitzvah if you daven with a minyan. Some people think you get an aveyra if you do NOT daven with a minyan. This is false as you do not get a mitzvah and you do not get averya. Your not punished and not rewarded for davening by yourself. You do get mitvah for davenings and you get mitvah of say kris shema on time and Mitvahs for davening Scharis, Mincha and Maarive . These are mitzvahs you get when you daven by yourself. The only mitzvah you dont get its davening with a minyan. You can make up this mitzvah by learning extra and doing other mitzvahs like kivud av vaem. Understand that this virus is from the ribno shel olam and he has given it to the world. We are held to a higher standard and as such need to be one and focus on not doing averya. If we can do a mitzvah then do it, The yetzer hora is doing everything possible to stop us from doing mitzvahs. I guess the past few years we done a lot mitzvahs and we are being tested to see if we can remain strong and one. There are 248 mitzvah that we should do (mitzvah ase) and we get a mitzvah. We also do not get an aveyra if we don’t do it. There are 365 lo ta’ase and we get an averya if we do it. We should now at this time of the virus focus on the 365 mitzvah lo’tase as this will give us averya and hurt klal yisroel. Once the virus moves on we can go back to normal and start to gather additional mitzvah like davening with minyan. May the rebona shel olam provide refua shelama for klal yisroel and may we be zoche to see moshiach soon.