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Watch: Israeli Doc Implores The World Not To Allow COVID-19 Patients To Die Alone

Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv will be the first hospital in the world to allow families of coronavirus patients to part from their dying relatives.

Prof. Ronni Gamzu, Ichilov’s director, was horrified by the stories of coronavirus patients dying alone and he decided to take action.

Ichilov’s medical staff formulated safety procedures to allow family members of coronavirus victims to part from their relatives before they die. Ichilov will provide close family members with full protective clothing and allow them access to the beside of their relatives to be by their side in their last moments.

“The stories of patients dying alone are appalling to me as a person and a director,” Prof. Gamzu said. “It’s forbidden for us as a medical system to allow situations such as these.”

“We at Ichilov formulated a procedure that will go into effect immediately and will allow family members to enter the coronavirus ward to part from their relatives while wearing full protective equipment provided by the hospital.”

“This is our moral obligation as medical personnel and human beings. It’s forbidden for a person to die alone and this won’t happen again at Ichilov. I believe that the rest of the world will follow us as it should,” Gamzu concluded.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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