Israel: 16,792 Cases, 281 Deaths, Health Ministry Worried That A New Wave Has Already Begun

Credit: Prime Minister's Office Spokesperson

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There are 16,793 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Israel as of Thursday morning, a rise of 36 cases in the past 24 hours.

The number of new cases in the past couple of days is worrying Israel’s Health Ministry due to the fact that although the number is low, the double-digit number follows a few days of only a handful or less of new cases and a month of a half of each day having less new cases than the day before. In the past couple of days, the trend has reversed itself.

To make matters worse, the health ministry fears that some Israelis who have symptoms of the coronavirus are refraining from getting tested due to the upcoming Yom Tov followed by Shabbos, a phenomenon that also occurred before Pesach.

Additionally, the ministry is concerned that an outbreak could occur over Shavous among religious Israelis, especially after shuls were given permission to have minyanim of up to 70 people, and among non-religious Israelis who may use the vacation days to gather at the beach or parks.

Furthermore, there has been an increase in the number of ventilated patients, with seven more ventilated patients than there were last week after a period of a decrease in ventilated patients each day.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu participated in a conference on Wednesday of leaders of countries at the forefront of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, hosted by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

Netanyahu mentioned at the meeting that Israel has seen a rise in cases in the past couple of days and said he doesn’t know if it’s a one-time phenomenon or not but if it continues Israel will have to tighten restrictions again.

The leaders discussed methods to resume safe flights between their countries and other steps to return to a safe routine.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


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