Eilat Boasts 1st Air-Conditioned “Smart” Bus Stop In The World

Air-conditioned bus stop on the way to 1st location in Eilat. (Photo: Yud Tzilumim PR)

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The city of Eilat now has the first air-conditioned “smart” bus stop in the world as part of a pilot program of Israel’s transportation ministry in cooperation with the Eilat municipality and the Egged bus company.

The air-conditioned bus stop has automatic sliding doors and digital signs with touch screens which enable passengers to receive real-time information about bus lines, schedules and tourist attractions.

The first “smart” bus stop was placed on Wednesday morning in a strategical location opposite the “Mul Hayam” mall at a bus stop used to travel to the southern part of the city, where many tourist attractions are located such as the Underwater Observatory, the Dolphin Reef and diving sites with coral reefs.

The bus stop, designed and manufactured by Root Industries to the tune of NIS 180,000 (funded by the transportation ministry), is equipped with cameras that broadcast directly to the 24-hour municipal hotline.

At the end of the month, another “smart” bus stop, will be placed on Sderot HaTamarim, the main street in the city.

Eilat, a tourist city which in normal times hosts 2.8 million tourists annually, has summer temperatures almost the whole year and in the hotter months averages about 105°F (40°C).

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This enclosed glass box becomes an oven (like a car with closed windows left in the sun).

    The person entering would trigger the air conditioner, but it would take a long time to cool off to comfortable temperatures.

    By the time it has cooled, the bus arrives… The a/c shuts off…and the glass box reheats.

    Not every great idea is practical.

  2. in truth it could contain Hybrid system with SOLAR PANELS on the roof and YES RUN an AC all the time
    and its by no means the 1st in the world these have been in india foe 10 years and poland and uae and and and