As Israel’s Virus Rate Drops, Chareidi “Red Zones” Turn Orange Except Ramat Shlomo

Israel Police

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Israel’s Health Ministry confirmed 1,479 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday, reflecting a positivity rate of 3.7%. There are currently 23,347 active virus cases, with 636 seriously ill patients, of whom 233 are ventilated. There were 54 fatalities confirmed on Monday, raising the death toll to 2,268.

The coronavirus cabinet is convening on Tuesday evening to decide on the next steps in the second stage in easing the nationwide lockdown following the initial stage which began on Sunday. According to the plan forged by senior health officials, each stage should last about two weeks to ensure that the lockdown exit isn’t overly hasty, driving up infection rates.

The status of Israel’s red zones – the cities of Bnei Brak, Beitar Illit, Modiin Illit, Elad and the Jerusalem neighborhoods of Ramat Eshkol, Maalot Dafna, and Mattesdorf – will be changed to orange on Tuesday evening by the coronavirus cabinet, with the exception of the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo, Army Radio reported. This is an especially significant step for the city of Bnei Brak, which has been “red” for months.

The Chareidi city of Rechasim was removed from the red list on Monday night.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. As a resident of Ramat Shlomo, I was quite appalled at the picture in this article, likely supplied by the Israeli police department. I feel a need to share that there has been tremendous amounts of unprovoked police brutality towards Chareidim, to levels that if they occurred in NY, there would be multi-million dollar lawsuits against the NYPD. They have been physically and verbally abusive (without provocation), they fabricate lies and give tickets to teenagers and adults for not wearing masks when in fact they were wearing full masks over nose and mouth. If one doesn’t produce ID, they threaten and take them down to the precinct… The harassment has reached epic proportions. This is not just a random event in Ramat Shlomo or other parts of Jerusalem. The Israeli Police force is actually a bunch of corrupt, anti-religious low-life thugs and hoodlums who aren’t worthy of serving the public. The laws in Israel are also anti-religious. For example, 10 people are allowed to be in an indoor room, but not if it is a shul. I have a friend that was actually kicked out of a beis medrash (under 10 people) and was given the above explanation… I don’t post ever and I hope not to need to post again, but it’s important for the world to know the truth…

  2. I will just add a police officer actually confided in my friend that the officers receive a 25% kickback for each citation they hand out… it’s no wonder that these officers are so motivated to hand out tickets… Corrupt cops…

  3. There is plenty well-placed criticism directed at the police force and the government , but lets look at the pretty side of this picture. An officer distributing free masks to those not wearing…
    I was privileged to see this myself.
    Other governments would do well to learn from this!