Shocking: 450-Year-Old Torah Klafim Found In Druze Village

Israel Police

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Israel Border Police arrested two suspects on Monday after finding ancient Torah klafim in their possession in a Druze village in northern Israel.

The Border Police conducted a search of a home on Monday in the village of Yarka for suspected possession of illegal drugs and weapons. They found what they were looking for but also found something shocking – ancient Torah scrolls in one of the bedrooms.

Inspectors from the Israel Antiquities Authority were called to the scene and they estimated the klafim to be about 450 years old.

Israel Police
Israel Police

The klafim were transferred to the Israel Antiquities Authority.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Clarification: I meant don’t post the pictures. The story is necessary so that we can properly mourn such disgraces and perhaps even be of assistance in certain cases (likely not in the case in question).