WATCH: Emiratis, Bahrainis & Jews Celebrate Shabbos, Chanukah


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The peace between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain is evolving to be a “warm peace” as Israelis flock to visit the UAE, and Emirati and Bahraini tourists visit Israel.

Scenes that would have been unimaginable just a short time ago of Jews and Arabs gathering together are now ubiquitous.

Many tourists from the UAE and Bahrain have expressed surprise at the warm welcome they receive from Israelis, especially from Chareidim, who are portrayed in all types of negative ways in the worldwide press.

Below are videos of many intriguing encounters, including a Shabbos meal with religious Jews, Emiratis and Bahrainis in Jerusalem. (The Shabbos video was taken by a non-Jew.)

Below are scenes of Jews and Arabs celebrating Chanukah together and in other encounters:

(YWN Israel Desk โ€“ Jerusalem)