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HaGaon HaRav Yitzchak Yosef: “Every Person Must Be Vaccinated”

A letter from HaGaon HaRav Yitzchak Yosef instructing the residents of Israel to be vaccinated for the coronavirus was published on Sunday.

“I hereby turn to Acheinu Bnei Yisrael in Eretz HaKodesh to adhere to the instructions of the doctors, like it says in the Torah ‘ורפא ירפא’ – from here we learn that doctors have been given permission to heal. And [the Torah] says ‘V’Chay Bahem’ – and Raboseinu were doresh in the Gemara that ‘you should live because of them and you shouldn’t die because of them,’ and it also says ‘V’Nishmartem Meod L’Nafshoseichim.'”

“Therefore, after we have been informed – with Hashem’s overwhelming chessed – that there’s a vaccine that can prevent infection of the coronavirus – and all the necessary trials were carried out and the experts say that the vaccine will be able to halt the pandemic and there’s no risk in it…

“Therefore, each person must be vaccinated according to the instructions of the doctors without delay, thereby preventing risk to himself and others.”

“And Hakadosh Baruch Hu should listen to our cries and hear our tefillos and remove the pandemic and the sword and destruction from His people Yisrael and we should hear besuros tovos.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

2 Responses

  1. The Rav is advocating listening to doctors who are properly informed about these matters. This may seem obvious but it is not an assumption to take lightly.

    Firstly, it appears quite unfortunately, that the doctors who have advised the Rav about the current Covid vaccines have themselves not studied these well, as there is an abundance of evidence that great harm is probably in the path of adherence to being injected with these substances. It is certainly more of a gamble than any vaccine developed and made available in prior times–did they call it ‘warp speed’? Perhaps ‘warped-speed’ would be more appropriate!

    It is widely known that minimal testing was done on all of the Covid vaccines–aside from lack of availability of honest documentation about these matters–unfortunately, the manufacturers have made much hidden, and convinced many authorities around the globe about safety and efficacy–these are matters that have been challenged by many independent doctors and researchers, but the ‘do as I say, safety is assumed’ approach has been pushed through in many places because people want something to believe in, or at least it has become assumed so in many places.

    This is not proper science, even if one believes in vaccine theory stoutly. Independent research says that it will probably take at least 12 months for side-effects to become known. If one doesn’t experience a side-effect from 12-48 hours after vaccination, it is assumed by authorities awarding damages, that any physical or other assessed damage is not attributable to a vaccine. Autism abounds from other vaccinations and is growing around the world–it was first experienced and named as a disease in 1940 as a rare occurrence (an effect of an experimental polio vaccine with a mercury-containing adjuvant). These vaccines have many various types of adjuvants and other difficult substances for the human body to deal with, some can even penetrate the blood-brain barrier. From a natural perspective, this causes toxic load and disease. One must rely on a brucha when it is based on doctors’ and other learned people’s opinions that one himself trusts. Most doctors, certainly most allopatic doctors, have been educated in schools sponsored by pharmaceutical industry grants and have studied vaccine history for less than a single day! This no longer makes sense, if it ever did before!

    Best of the doctors reside near Gehinnim if not closer–as for those who listen to them when they expouse fairy tales that at least respect proper hypothesis and updated records of damages–which is no longer typical in these times; Chaval!

  2. for those who listen to them when they expouse fairy tales, they should be aware that at least a proper hypothesis was in place regarding the ‘cure’ that was sufficiently tested, and that updated records of damages exist-–which is no longer typical in these times; Chaval!

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