Outrage On Delta Flight After Hasidic Jews Kicked Off [SEE THE VIDEOS]


A group of Hasidic men were forced to deplane a Delta flight from Miami International Airport to LaGuardia, Wednesday night. Initial reports say that the incident unfolded after an elderly Chassidish man took off his mask, allegedly for a brief moment to eat something. Video shows the apparent son, saying that his father has heart issues, and that he has trouble breathing, “So he took off his mask for a minute,” the video shows.

Moments before departure from Miami, the flight crew instructed all passengers to depart from the aircraft.

After the plane was emptied, a Delta employee informed the Hasidic Jews that they wouldn’t be continuing to LaGuardia with Delta, and could be facing a permanent ban from flying with the Airline.

Videos from the incident show many passengers unhappy with the decision, calling it anti-Semitic on the part of Delta, with one women saying that the elderly individual didn’t understand the flight crew’s instructions because of a language gap. Another video showed a female passenger sitting in first class, shouting at the family, repeatedly saying “SHAME” to them.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I have trouble following the story. were other Hasidic passengers also refused service? That seems like a pure bias incident, punishing other Jews for the alleged behavior of another unrelated passenger.
    I am not an activist but Delta has to become compliant with rules against bias.

  2. It’s true if it was some so called “minority” this whole show would never happen. The elder man took it off for a breather and now they blame the whole group claiming the weren’t wearing masks. That woman who said “shame on them”, shame on her! It was only 1 person who took off the mask momentarily not the whole group! What happened to giving a warning of asking the person to put the mask back on? This is what happens when you give such low ranking workers so much power. They go straight to escalating the situation and kicking people off flights.
    What a mess of a world it’s become. And shame on all those people going along with this enabling the world governments to control us further.

  3. I was on a Delta domestic flight very recently where ONLY Chasidik Jews were targeted. A guy next to me barely wore his mask as required but random Frum looking people were harassed while eating. It was blatant a antisemitism. They were also banned thry an official of flying Delta for 2 years.
    They said they’re going to fight it. Dont know the ending. It was horrible!

  4. But mark my word:- If a שחור child kept taking his mask off, they wouldn’t dare bother that family 1 iota, and would keep them on board.
    I saw this with my own 2 eyes earlier this week, when traveling on interstate transportation.

  5. So the deep state has enlisted the woke Karen crowd to be ambassadors to ensure a total police state. Pit one citizen against another. Keep the sheeple citizenry fighting with each other over stupidity, as they strip every freedom you’ve ever enjoyed from you. The average American tv watching zombie has lost their minds. We’re done as a Nation.

  6. @rightwrite

    That woman who said “shame on them”, shame on her! It was only 1 person who took off the mask momentarily not the whole group! 

    She was directing that at the flight crew not at the Jewish man. Please take back your statement.

  7. This is what you get when chassidim disobey, act reckless, and make headlines internationally for not following the regulations.

    This will only get worse.

  8. How much Chillul HaShem can our nation survive ?? Follow the d a m n laws of the countries you reside in and stop causing mass Chillul HaShem !!!!!

  9. If the grandfather could not wear a mask as per the rules, then he should not have been flying on a commercial aircraft.
    Why should other passengers be put at risk for his benefit?
    (Aside from the Chillul HASHEM, what hetter does he have to choose to endanger others?.)
    His family should have told him he had to stay in Fla or travel by car.

  10. @hockrock

    Why should I take back the comment. I’m talking about the first video at 1:50 mark the woman said they didn’t have their mask on and then just put it on after. So they other woman turned around and said shame on them. Also seems that blonde hair woman was telling at the family nonstop. I don’t see anyone yelling at the flight crew did you?


    Masks should not be worn by:

    Child under 2 years of age
    A person with a disability who cannot wear a mask, or cannot safely wear a mask, for reasons related to the disability
    A person for whom wearing a mask would create a risk to workplace health, safety, or job duty as determined by the workplace risk assessmentexternal icon
    People who are deaf or hard of hearing, and those who will interact with people who are hearing impaired

    If you interact with people who rely on reading lips, you may have difficulty communicating while wearing a mask.

    Consider wearing a clear mask or a cloth mask with a clear panel
    If you are not able to get a clear mask, consider using written communication, closed captioning, or decreasing background noise to make communication possible while wearing a mask that blocks lips
    People with certain underlying medical conditions

    Most people with underlying medical conditions can and should wear masks.

    If you have respiratory conditions and are concerned about wearing a mask safely, discuss with your healthcare provider the benefits and potential risks of wearing a mask.
    If you have asthma, you can wear a mask. Discuss with your healthcare provider if you have any concerns about wearing a mask.

  12. I guess a lot of people forgot the advice that we got from Rabbi Yaakov Kamenetsky may his memory be blessed. That big Torah giant advised us that on Shabbos when we walk to Shul in an area where there are non-Jewish people
    We are only guests here. Sorry

  13. @hockintherock I wasn’t there so I don’t know the story. But according to the article she was screaming it at the family.
    And all you self hating Jews enough with putting the blame on the chasidim. Have you never taken off your mask in public for a minute? And if you wanna blame what other chasidim have done that is pure racism in the truest sense of the word. Just because others similar to these people have done something wrong does not mean they have. That is basics in equality. Innocent until proven guilty. So how bout we all stop screaming “Chillul Hashem” and realize that a much greater Chilul Hashem is sinas chinam. And let’s all take a little meaning out of Purim and try to be marbeh Shalom v’reyus.

  14. I was on a Untied Flight to Denver where 2 guys (clearly not Jewish) took off their masks and insisted they were drinking water from bottles on their snack tables during boarding. It took only about 5 minutes for the airport police to remove them from the aircraft to the cheers of the other passengers. The flight crews are taking this seriously and clearly NOT targeting yidden since, although I’m sure it will happen periodically. The airline guidance says if you can’t keep your mask on during flight, DON”T FLY. and take alternative modes of transportation. To the extent their is a stereotype of frum yidden in chassidish or yeshivish lvush not complying with the mask and other Covid guidelines, we only have ourselves to blame because there were multiple incidents splashed over the evening news and national newspapers of pictures of weddings, levayahs, gatherings in shula etc. where the rules were ignored.

  15. @Honesty Period
    @Jeff Stuart

    Are you guys sane??? Shame on you! You guys are the true anti semites! Is Klal Yisroel not going through enough that we need your dumb, stupid, idiotic and anti Semitic comments?
    Enough with the self hatred!

    Ps. @Shlomo2 What do you know about Halachos? Besides If they’re so worried about everyone’s health, why don’t they fill up every other rowe or at least keep the middle seate open?

  16. Djgreen: Glad to hear that you’re interested in some mekoros:

    Hee are a few, to get you started:
    Bava Kamma כג ע”א
    Tosafos there: ד”ה וליחייב
    חזון איש (חו”מ, ב”ק סי’ ח אות י)