Last Jew In Afghanistan Is Leaving For Israel

Zebulon Simantov blowing the Shofar, April 2019, Kabul, Afghanistan. (Photo: Ismatullah Noor, Kabul, Afghanistan).

Zebulon Simantov, the last known Jew living in Afghanistan is leaving for Israel, JTA reported.

Simantov is leaving in the wake of the US military’s imminent departure from the country which he fears will encourage the growth of groups such as the Taliban.

Simantov, 61, told Arab News on Sunday that he’s leaving after the Jewish holidays in the fall.

“If the Taliban return, they are going to push us out with a slap in the face,” Simantov told Radio Free Europe last week.

Simantov has been singlehandedly tending to the local shul in the capital city of Kabul through the past war-torn decades.

“I managed to protect the synagogue of Kabul like a lion of Jews here,” he told Arab News.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)