HORROR IN SOUTH AFRICA: Thieves Tie Up Rav With Tallis Strips


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A disturbing incident took place on Thursday morning in a shul that houses a kollel in South Africa when thieves ripped a tallis into strips to tie up the Rav and two avreichim, leaving them on the floor of the Ezras Nashim as they stole their belongings and ran off, B’Chadrei Chareidim reported.

There were only three men left in the Kollel in Kehillas Shomrei Emunin in Johannesburg on Thursday morning when the armed thieves entered. After they tied up the men, they stole the men’s phones, the kollel’s laptops, and a car belonging to one of the avreichim.

The building is guarded by a private security company whose guards regularly patrol the area but for some reason, the guards somehow missed the incident.

While the men were trying to free themselves from their restraints, the non-Jewish cook who prepares the food for the Kiddush on Shabbos discovered them on the floor and called for help.

Only two days before the incident, a Jew who lived close by to the shul was murdered during a robbery, so despite the traumatic incident, the men were fortunate to have escaped with their lives.

“What happened only strengthens the belief that the Torah protects us,” one of the mispallelim told B’Chadrei. “The thieves could have shot them – it was mamash a neis.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. What happens only strengthens the belief that South Africa has become a cesspool of violence and crime since segregation was abolished, what a shame

  2. alas, a good whilte ago, south africa has been handed over to be ravaged by the privileged class of the “always oppressed”.
    does the same fate await the US in years to come?

  3. In South Africa, the Jews are constantly caught in the crossfires between the Dutch Afrikaaners and the Zulus. Few Jews have been unaffected by the violence and political instability.
    The Jewish community of SA is gradually shrinking, and most of the former members of the Johannesburg community now reside in Thornhill.

  4. I don’t agree with leaving the parts of the tallis on the floor and taking a video of them for the sensationalism of the crime. They should have immediately been gathered and put in shammos. Shame on the one who took the video.

  5. “What happens only strengthens the belief that South Africa has become a
    cesspool of violence and crime since segregation was abolished, what a shame”

    Spoken as though that regime wasn’t violent or criminal.

  6. mordy – since when is a posul talis put in sheimos? your sensitivity is misplaced – think of the difficult position these frum families are in

  7. Mordy: Tallis and Tzitis are תשמישי מצוה not תשמישי קדושה, and therefore should not be put in Sheimos, (much as you would not put regular garbage in Sheimos) they should be wrapped up in a bag and disposed on in the garbage, or burnt in fire. Therefore i do not think it is disrespectful to leave them on the floor (especially fro just the duration of the photo, or until the detectives come). This is particularity true if they have already become possul and cannot be bused anymore for the mitzva they were created for.
    I may be wrong, ask your local OR.

  8. Same thing is coming to your neighborhood here in the good old USA, it’s gonna be brought over here, with complements by the demented Alzheimer diseased TRAITOROUS America hating Marxist gangster sitting in the White House, with the help of the DemonRat (formerly Democrats)socialist perverts and gangsters and traitors.
    These sewer rats are going to completely abolish our borders, and leave it open for hundreds of millions of illegal invaders who will turn this country into exactly the hell hole they ran away from, but of course that is exactly what these filthy DemonRats want, as long as they know that these illegals will be voting democratic.
    This once great country of ours is finished, it is commiting national suicide right in front of our eyes.