Chareidi Man, Grandson Of Rechavam Ze’vi, Attacked By Arabs In J-m.


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A Charedi man walking by Sha’ar Shechem was violently beaten by Arabs on Thursday.

Fortunately, policemen nearby arrived at the scene quickly and the Arabs fled. Police officers searched the area and arrested five suspects.

It turned out that the Chareidi man is the grandson of the late Rechavam “Gandhi” Ze’evi, z’l, a former Israeli politician who was assassinated by Arab terrorists in 2001.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. That’s awful! Terrible in every which way! I just wonder why he seems it okay to walk into the lion’s den especially at a time like this!

  2. I happen to know a few people who purposely do not read the news. They have their reasons.
    To the first few comments, you guys are right, he should of at least read the head lines. You do not have to read an entire article to figure out that we are in the middle of a war of attrition. He made a big mistake.
    May Hashem grant the entire Jewish nation with common sense.

  3. You’re all more or less correct. However, blaming the victim is not a tachlis. You don’t know what his reasons may have been.

  4. i think undercover soldiers should dress up like that, and then catch the perps–but for a regular person to do it?-not bright.

  5. He was walking there because we can’t allow the enemy to drive us out of there. Shaar Shchem is no different from Shaar Yaffo; either they’re both ours or none of them are. And if we start avoiding it then it becomes theirs by default, and if they see that it works they’ll do the same thing at Shaar Yaffo and everywhere else.