“Now I Know Why Reb Ovadia Yosef Spoke So Harshly About Bayit Yehudi,” Deri Says

Shas leader Aryeh Deri. (Knesset spokesperson)

In an interview with Kol Chai Radio on Monday night, Shas leader Aryeh Deri attacked Naftali Bennett for his establishment of a unity government with Yair Lapid.

“Bennett said: ‘We won’t harm Chareidi chinuch but we’ll advance chinuch mamlachti [for Chareidim].’ They want to eliminate the influence of Rabbanim on chinuch.”

“We engaged in every effort so this government won’t be established. Meanwhile, some Chareidim are complaining that we didn’t push Netanyahu. I can’t tell you the details but Netanyahu agreed to every proposal of Bennett and Sa’ar. Bennet planned it all beforehand [to not join a right-wing coalition],” Deri claimed.

Deri said he thinks this will be the end of Bennett’s political career. “Bennett ran for a short time period. The polls show that the majority of Yamina supporters are opposed [to the unity government]. He’s left without supporters and he’s finished with the right as well.”

Deri addressed the harsh words that HaRav Ovadia Yosef, z’tl, said against Bayit Yehudi [which was then led by Bennett], calling it a Bayit shel Goyim. “Athough I’m considered one of Rav Ovadia’s main students, I couldn’t understand why Maran said such hards words – Bayit shel Goyim. Now I understand. It was divrei nevuah mamash. We see how someone behaves without daas Torah.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Deri is quaking in fear from the Meron investigation that the new government will be conducting and that he is no longer able to influence.

  2. This government is going to be the best thing ever for the charedi tzibbur.
    At last they will be led by politicians who genuinely care about their welfare, rather than those who engage in corruption and voted AGAINST an inquiry into the Miron massacre!

  3. Noam,

    Haredim don’t hate. Rather, it is this very coalition that have only one thing in common: the very hatred to Bibi and charedim.

  4. Darchei Noam what happens to an ir hanidachas? That’s right burn it down what happens to a Bas kohen ki sechel Liznos? On fire. Obviously you don’t begin to understand the darchei Noam of the Torah