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Sen. Schumer Asks UK To Allow Alta Fixsler To Travel To US

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer wrote to the UK’s US ambassador Karen Pierce on Wednesday requesting that the UK suspend all health decisions regarding two-year-old Alta Fixsler.

Alta’s father, Avraham Fixler, is a US citizen and Schumer asked that the UK allow Alta to travel to the US with her father.

“I urge that all health decisions that are against the wishes of the family be suspended until the citizenship process is complete and Alta can travel to the US with her US citizen father, Mr. Abraham Fixsler,” Schumer wrote.

Both of Alta’s parents are Israeli citizens and senior Israel officials have engaged in numerous attempts to intervene in the tragic case, so far to no avail.

A UK court ruled that Alta must be disconnected from life-support despite her parents’ objections on personal and religious grounds.

Askanim have requested that the public sign a petition appealing to UK authorities to allow Alta to be transferred to Israel. The petition can be signed here.

Anyone interested in financially assisting the family can click here.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

2 Responses

  1. Why would the UK court be more willing to send her to the USA than to Israel? The court doesn’t want her moved, and it wants her dead. It (rightly) doesn’t trust any other country’s courts to allow her to be killed once she is taken into their jurisdiction. Nor (again rightly) does it trust the parents’ promise to kill her in Israel or the USA. So there’s no reason it would allow her to go anywhere.

    The bottom line is that UK law does not recognize parent’s rights over their children. All children belong to the state, and the only consideration is the child’s own best interests, as determined by the state. Parents are only in charge as the state’s shlichim. Their only advantage over other people is that they’re more likely to know what is in the child’s interest; but when the state determines that they’re wrong then their preferences are irrelevant.

    That is not the law in the USA, or in Israel. Therefore the UK court rightly understands that if she is moved to where it has no control then all promises made to it can and will be broken (as indeed they should be).

  2. I apologize for my ignorance, but can someone explain to me why the UK is so intent on seeing her dead? Why would it bother them that another country is treating her and keeping her alive at their own (or the parents’) expense?

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