Astounding Story Behind The Identification Of Surfside Victim Dr. Brad Cohen, Z’l


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Dr. Brad Cohen, z’l, was the second last Jewish victim from the Surfside condo collapse to be buried last week. The last Jewish missing victim was identified on Monday.

Dr. Cohen’s remains were actually found 12 days prior to his burial but the authorities were having difficulty identifying the remains due to the time that had passed since the disaster.

One factor that contributed to Dr. Brad’s eventual identification was a metal tag found next to the body with the words: “From: Rabbi A. D. Davis, Children’s Town, Jerusalem, Israel, Kikar H’Shabbat reported.

The rescuers working at the site decided to locate the “Rabbi Davis” on the tag and they contacted rescue services in Israel for assistance, who in turn contacted the director of Children’s Town, HaRav Aharon Dovid Davis.

When the rescue authorities at the site spoke to Rav Davis and told him about the tag, he immediately identified the owner as Dr. Brad Cohen, z’l. Rav Davis said the tag was attached to a gift that he gave Dr. Cohen 13 years ago.

Thirteen years ago, Dr. Cohen, z’l, then 38, and his wife Soraya (שתבלח”ט), organized a fundraising event, one of many, for Children’s Town. At the event, the Cohens decided to commit to financially support two children from the home for a year. In appreciation for their generosity, Rav Davis gave the Cohens a gift with the inscribed metal tag attached to it.

Thirteen years later, Dr. Cohen, z’l, merited to be brought to Kever Yisrael in the zechus of the tzedaka he gave to support and educate a yasom.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. With due respect, I fail to see how the author of this article knows Cheshbonei Shomayim. While definitely a great zechus to support yesomim (no doubt), it looks like dr Brad Cohen z”l had a daughter roughly in the same year as the event.
    This girl was zoiche to make a tremendou Kiddush Hashem, maybe that could have been in zechus f the campaign? We do not know!

  2. I really hope that this was only a lead which allowed them to find better evidence. This evidence would doubtfully be accepted in Bais Din, even if found on his person.