Almost All Of Israel’s Chareidi Cities Are Red, Hundreds Of Bochurim Contract COVID

Illustrative. Israeli children on a class trip. (Photo: Shuki Lehrer)

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There has been a surge of coronavirus cases in recent days in Chareidi cities, possibly due to the opening of the school year on Rosh Chodesh Elul.

All Chareidi cities are now red except for Beitar Illit, which is orange. The city of Rechasim in northern Israel has the highest positivity test rate in the country at 21%.

Many officials in the Chareidi community are slamming the government for its lack of preparation for the crisis. Principals of Talmudei Torah and chadarim reported a day before school started that they had yet to receive any instructions on the safe opening of schools.

There has also been a surge of cases in yeshivos, with hundreds of bochurim diagnosed with COVID in the two weeks since the zeman started. Yeshivah administrators are also complaining that they received no instructions from the government prior to the beginning of the zeman.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. And the instructions from prior years were left collecting dust? Come on people! It’s no chiddush that delta is very contagious. Use common sense, masks, bubbles and cohorts. Stop with the excuses.

  2. Enough already!!

    How many are seriously ill?!?

    This has shifted to an Endemic. People will get it and feel fine. If you test the world for the flue, you would probably get the same results.

    Just stop the testing. And stop magnifying the less than 2% who get seriously ill.

  3. If these yeshivas are doing the right thing, “כי היא חכמתכם לעיני העמים” should have kicked in and on their own they should have insisted that every bochur eligible should have gotten vaccinated before reurning to yeshiva.
    Why do they need the government to tell them to do the right thing?

  4. How strange that the Yeshivos are complaining that they got no instructions from the government. We all know what an outcry would have come from the same Yeshivos had the govt. issued instructions. They would have said, as even some of the above comments say, that it’s not a big deal and why is the govt exaggerating and interfering with Limud Hatorah, etc, etc. What a farce!

  5. slientmoshe your comment is pretty reckless if you want to get the vax fine, but at least get a sociological test first otherwise you are putting yourself in harms way.

  6. The Zionists are endlessly experimenting on their citizens with these shots (they’re proud to to be the first to administer a third! dose), yet Covid is out of control there. Makes one wonder if their citizens would have been better off without.

  7. “Makes one wonder if their citizens would have been better off without…”

    Hakatan: You can “wonder” all you want but the data from multiple studies in the U.S. and EY show that the rates of intubation and death are 5x to 7x higher among the unvaccinated versus breakthrough cases among those who have received the vaccine. Our sympathies to those among your circle who take your eitzah and take their risks w/o vaccination.

  8. Reading the comments above mine I feel a tremendous busha. What happened to fruma Yidden that we’ve become so senseless and detached from reality? Covid is killing our (admittedly adult) brothers and sisters as well as goyim to whom we’re commended to inspire. When we allow our children to get and spread covid because we’re not convinced that they will get seriously ill we allow them to be vehicles for mutation and further transmission. The choice to vaccinate is not about protecting yourself but about protect others. Conspiracy theories about fake vaccines and other similar nonsense is not for us. Listen to the Gedolei Yisroel shlita, unless you think you’re smarter or holier than them.