WATCH: Muslim Knocks Down Elderly Jew In Stamford Hill


A Muslim attacked two frum Jews within a few hours last week in the Stamford Hill neighborhood of London.

In unprovoked assaults, the perpetrator, who was identifiable as a Muslim by his dress, knocked down a man in his 60s as he walking on the street and in a separate incident assaulted a 12-year-old boy. Both incidents were caught on video, the first one on security cameras and the second one was filmed by a passerby.

The man fell down from the force of the punch and lost consciousness and was evacuated to the hospital where he was treated for head injuries and a broken ankle.

London police opened an investigation into the incidents.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. A couple of astounding things I noticed about this video.
    One is you see that the vermin just continues to stroll casually after the slug as though nothing happened.
    The second thing you notice if you look carefully is that there are 2 frum children right in the vicinity who witness this and they must have been very traumatized. There is also a chassidishe fellow who comes into view and not far from the action.
    This was so brazen in public in the middle of the day.

  2. Lostspark and ajewfrommonsey, you comments are really sad.
    First, refuah sheleima to the injured man.
    Second, find that SOB who attacked him and beat the _ _ _ _ out of him.
    I have seen too many of these videos. I remember there was a time when Hasidim in New York took to the streets and when someone was attacked, another would yell, “Chap him” and Jews would come from all corners, chase the perpetrator down and beat him to a pulp.
    When this procedure is carried out a few times, word gets around, and the attacks on our fellow Jews will end. People attack Jews because they are sure the police will do nothing.

  3. DrMiddos, the 2nd part of your comment is right on. Regarding the first part, those 2 commenters were expressing their frustration. I knew exactly what each meant

  4. such fools___Hashem is sending a message and few are brilliant stars to understand____this is hate at its highest___what more does one have to witness to see the truth, we are in for another round of hate