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Rare Video: Lev Tahor Family In “Disguise” In Guatemalan Airport In Attempt To Reach Iran

As YWN has reported, the members of the Lev Tahor cult have been attempting to leave Guatemala in recent days in an attempt to travel to the Kurdistan area and then enter Iran.

Fortunately, due to the intervention of concerned relatives in Israel, Israel’s Foreign Ministry has become involved and has requested that Guatemalan authorities prevent the families from leaving the country. US and Canadian authorities are also involved in the effort.

In a video obtained by B’Chadrei Chareidim, a Lev Tahor family is seen waiting in line for a flight, with the father “disguised” in an attempt to hide his identity. He is wearing standard clothing and sneakers, his payos are tucked into a baseball cap, and he is busily scrolling on his smartphone.

His wife and children are wearing “frum clothing” but aren’t wearing the capes or shawls associated with the cult.

One of the askanaim involved in the issue told B’Chadrei that the families are purposedly trying to disguise their appearance in an attempt to evade the Guatemalan authorities.

When asked how a member of Lev Tahor, where meat is forbidden due to their distrust of  shechita, is using a smartphone, the askan responded: “They allow it for themselves in emergency situations.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. From time to time, commenters speak about this cult as if they are to reckoned with as Yidden. This is a grave mistake. The victims among them need to be rescued from the talons of the leaders. The leaders here are bonafide heretics, having manipulated to Torah Hakedosha, casting away many of the mitzvos, and writing their own rule book that has nothing to with Ratzon Hashem. They attempt to snooker those who have negative attitudes about Zionism and the State of Israel to be partners. However, even the strict Satmar shittah does not change the number of mitzvos from 613. I say that the victims should be apprehended and rescued. The leaders should be stripped of everything, and they should be arrested and placed in solitary confinement without stone ground flour.

  2. Am I the only one getting uncomfortable with the obsession this news agency has with LT? As much as I disapprove of their religion, by god, whatever happened to freedom of religion? Why can’t we just leave them alone? They want to move to gehenom who cares? So long and goodbye.

  3. Obviously making Aliya to Iran is an inyan of pikuach nefesh for which anything is muttar, probably including taking a flight on Shabbos. Of course it may have been a non-working smartphone without a brain just like the one in the baseball cap “using” it.

  4. I think they belong in Iran, but I really pity the children who will grow up totally lost and not with in the range of normal….

  5. Ojwei, with a non-kosher smartphone model………….. hahahahaha
    these guys are getting more and more embarrassing.

  6. This sect actually have another new groups and locations just changed the clothes but still the same crazy people
    This picture of YWN is incorrect
    The Guy who’s wearing a red sweater is : Yisroel Malka his wife and three kids he have a American passport and Guatemalan citizen plus fake Mexican , Canadian and Morocco License.
    This People asking around in Jewish communities for lot money to support their Gansters mafias planes in the name Food for our children’s nebach who’s still giving Tzdeka for this monsters…

  7. besalel, meila you have grown adults in this sect of their own free will is one thing. But innocent children are being bought up in an abusive and crazy cult and I’m sure many women are trapped in this cult because of their children.

    This has to be a discussion because people are supporting them. Whoever is supporting them needs to know that they are funding evil and abuse and they will be held accountable by HB”H after 120 for enabling the abusers to inflict abuse on innocent children and adults.

    In addition, these cults can spread like viruses do so they must be exposed for the lunatics they are.

    TYW is doing a mitzvah by exposing them.

  8. People who say freedom of religion, have to realize that these guys actually, were shooting live gun fire at law enforcement, during a raid, and then kidnaped the kids back from monsey. this is not only a issue of being allowed to change the Torah these are criminals that don’t allow their people to marry who they want, or they will be playing with their lives.
    Just some criminals acts out of many.

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