Video Mocking Badatz Kashrus Raises Storm In Israel

Tiktok screenshot

A video posted by Yisrael Beiteinu MK Yulia Malinovsky, who serves as the chairman of the Knesset’s Committee for Religious Services despite the fact that she is completely secular, raised a furor in Israel on Tuesday.

The video, which she posted on Tiktok, shows Malinovsky pointing to the symbols of Badatz Eidah HaChareidis and Badatz Beis Yosef with a disgruntled expression on her face and then points to a symbol of “Hashgachas Badatz of Yulia Malinovsky” with a smile and a “thumbs up” gesture.

Malinovsky is currently spending long hours on discussions on the controversial kashrus reforms being advanced by Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana, which are expected to be approved in the Knesset soon as part of the Arrangements Law, a bill passed as part of the state budget.

“Malinovsky is saying what Kahana is trying to hide,” Rav Amichai Eliyahu, the head of Igud Rabbanei Kehillos (and son of HaRav Shmuel Eliyahu), said in response to the video. “This isn’t kashrus reform but a reform of the Jewish identity of the state.”

“Using his cheap publicity tool of his military past, Kahana lies to all of us and is trampling on the kashrus system of the state of Israel. I find it difficult to understand why Kahana insists on being the useful idiot of [Reform Rabbi Labor MK] Gilad Kariv, [Labor chairman] Merav Michaeli, and Avigdor Lieberman.”

Noam chairman MK Avi Maoz said: “The Badatz of Malinovsky joins the new Chief Rabbi of Israel Matan Kahana. The goal of the kashrus reform is to eliminate the Rabbanut and kashrus in Israel.

Chareidi reporter Aryeh Erlich wrote on Twitter: “Rabbeni Yisrael cry out, Yulia Malinovsky is satisfied, and Matan Kahana is the Shabbos goy.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Bennett’s chelek in the next world, oy, a rachmanus on his neshama. With his fake Kippur placed upon the wrong place of his huge skin head, he’s succeeded in destroying in what even the Goyim here NJ and in NY probably too, even consider sacred.

  2. Having an elected government “regulating” religion is a mistake. Better is the American system where kashrus, and all other “religious services” are run by voluntary organizations (i.e. non-profit, non-governmental organizations). Thus in America, we don’t have Joe Biden, or Donald Trump, or Barak Obama telling us what to (or rather, they can tell us all they want, but we can rely on the First Amendment in not paying any attention to them).

  3. While there may be some legitimate areas for “reforming” the rules of hashgacha, this kind of childish publicity stunt is stupid and counter-productive. Best solution is to take the Rabbanut out of the hashgacha business. Somehow, for thousands of years, Yidden were able to observe hilchos kashruth without a government administered hashgacha system. The non-government hashgachos will fill the void.

  4. As A Mashgiach I can testify that a number of Kashrus organisations are very stringent on Bedikas Hatoluim. and have a rigorous checking system in place. The fact is, infested products are rife with infestations. Consider that one small insect is a Chiyuv of ”5” Lavim!, literally millions of Lavim are avoided by these kashrus organisations.

    What a terrible shocking mockery of the Holiness and importance of Kashrus. !!!
    How on earth can a picture of this RESHANTE feature on YWN?

  5. this is a criminal act ignited with evil intent__when you elect a goyish head this is what you get…..sick and diseased results….there are so few Kashrus stampings that I will indulge in and now there is less__less is more,