Yamina MK’s Husband: “Lieberman Is A Bully, Yamina Has No Power Over Him”

Protesters inside Yamina MK Idit Silman's home. (Photo: Toras Emunasan forum)

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Members of the Toras Emunasan forum, a Dati Leumi organization that is working to combat the daycare cuts advanced by Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman, demonstrated outside the home of Yamina MK Idit Silman on Monday afternoon.

Idit’s husband, Shmuelik Silman, invited the women, who brought their babies and young children to the protest, into his home due to the cold weather, and even ordered pizza and drinks for them, Arutz Sheva reported.

One of the forum’s leaders, Naama Moskowitz, told Arutz Sheva: “Shmulik invited us in for a discussion. He told us: ‘You don’t need to convince me that a solution is needed. We also have avreichim in our extended family.’ That’s all good but it doesn’t mean that anything is happening. At the end of the day, his wife is the coalition chairman, where she has political influence, and she needs to actualize it.”

When Arutz Sheva asked her if she thinks one of the coalition members will put their foot down on the issue, she responded: “This is a very painful point. Shmulik himself said that the current political situation is such that Yamina doesn’t have a lot of political power against Lieberman who does whatever he wants. He wants to please his voters by harming the Chareidim and lomdei Torah. The party that formed this coalition [Yamina] doesn’t have enough political power to stand up to him. They’re not willing to put their foot down, they don’t want to break up the government. They have a lot to lose and it doesn’t seem like they’ll draw a red line like Lieberman himself did to them.”

“They’re in a place in which Lieberman acts like a bully. He does what he wants and they’re forced to accept it and beg for what they want like beggars. It’s humiliating.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. רבות מחשבות בלב איש ועצת השם היא תקום so this savage lieberman better keep an extremely good eye behind his wicked shoulder these next 3 weeks & beyond

  2. thats what i always said: Benet is a benkel chaper.Lieberman the rascha can do what everything he wants
    and Bennet agrees only to stay Prime Minister.

  3. Stupid, invalid excuse – they are in charge of the government. They put Lieberman into his position and they approved the Anti-chareidy Budget.

  4. All the commenters seem to be missing the bigger point: this is the Zionist entity, the government of shmad, regardless of whether a particular rasha is or is not a bully.

    When you daven bracha #19, if you have in mind only that rasha, then you are missing the full meaning of that bracha.