CANCELED: Hotel Quarantine Requirement For Those Vaccinated Outside Israel

Illustrative. Isolation room at Sheba Hospital with monitor (Photo: Sheba Hospital)

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Rabbi Nechemya Malinowitz, head of the Igud of Yeshivos and Seminaries, informed YWN on Monday that the requirement for non-Israeli citizens vaccinated outside of Israel to quarantine in a hotel for seven days has been canceled.

“Thanks to the tremendous efforts of the Chareidi MKs, Reb Yitzchak Pindrus, Reb Uri Maklev and Reb Yaakov Asher, the requirement for foreigners vaccinated abroad to quarantine in a hotel has been canceled,” Rabbi Malinowitz said.

“Fron now on, all foreigners entering the country who are fully vaccinated will be able to quarantine safely in their own home.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Safe to assume this comes on heals of NYS having made production of false vaccination cards a felony, which removed all excuses from Israeli government to make this insane rule.
    Just as British government was forced to remove this identical insane rule on July 28th, commencing August 2nd @4am.

  2. Still not worth the trip and the bureaucratic nightmare that is the Israeli government in general and during the pandemic, specifically. Until Israel removes all hoops i would strongly recommend that everyone stay away.

  3. nobody is going to do this. people go for a week to EY, they aren’t interested in paying more for a ticket to stay another week. Also, people have work, and cannot miss for two weeks.

  4. This change is grossly unfair to the owners of the Covid Hotels. They should appeal immediately (or better, just wait a few days, and the rule may be reinstated as soon a new batch of yungerleit show up at the airport with fake vaccination cards).