WATCH THIS! Opposition Jeers PM Bennett After Passing Of Controversial Electricity Law Which Excluded Jews [VIDEO ROUNDUP]

PM Bennett confronts opposition members during heated Knesset debate. (Noam Moskowitz/Knesset spokesperson)

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After a heated shouting match in the Knesset plenum on Wednesday morning, the Islamist Ra’am party’s controversial Electricity Law was passed, allowing tens of thousands of illegally constructed Arab homes in the Negev and Galil to be hooked up to electricity, water and other infrastructure lines.

Opposition MKs jeered Prime Minister Naftali Bennet and Yamina MK Nir Orbach, yelling “Shame on you” after they voted against a clause to include new Jewish settlements (“young settlements”) in the law. Orbach had threatened not to vote for the law if the clause for young settlements wasn’t included but ultimately did not carry out his threat due to coalition discipline.

In an unprecedented manner, Bennett got up from his seat and confronted opposition members in a face-to-face shouting match and attacked opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu for voting for the Gaza disengagement. Netanyahu turned his back and refused to engage in the debate. The confrontation ended when Knesset Speaker Mickey Levy (Yesh Atid) and MK Abir Kara (Yamina) convinced Bennett to return to his seat.

The opposition members boycotted the debate after the coalition disregarded the recommendation of the Knesset legal adviser and shortened the filibusters on the issue from 94 to 15 hours.

After the passing of the bill, Bennett tweeted an image of the angry scenes, saying: “A bunch of thugs. I’m not afraid of you and I won’t let you burn down the country.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. What’s the opposition hocking about! There are no Jewish illegal homes! The government keeps tearing them down. Only arabs may have illegally built homes.

  2. Are there any illegal Jewish settlements inside the “Green line”? By connecting Arab settlements within the internationally recognized border, Israel strengthen its claim to the land in question.

  3. YWN and some of its readers can disagree about politics. A title “Opposition Jeers PM Bennett After Passing Of Controversial Electricity Law Which Excluded Jews” would have been neutral, some readers would be appalled and others not. The words “WATCH THIS!” sounds juvenile, like when a kid yells to his friends, “WATCH THIS!” before showing them a childish prank, or a video making fun of someone.

  4. Zionism at its best when a “frum” politician is more interested in appeasing Hamas members than frum yeshiva students looking to live a peaceful, Zionism is a curse on Yidden.

  5. So the former head of the settlers’ council decided to help the Arabs but exclude the settler Jews.

    But, of course, despite the numerous total self-contradictions of Zionism, both old and new, some people still worship this idol of Zionism.

  6. The Zionist show their true colors. A yeshiva in Chomesh gets its electric closed off by the Israeli army but Arabs in illegal buildings get to keep it. Satmar was right. Zionism is atheism b

  7. Bennet looks like he was dragged back to his seat.
    Bennet Allowed himself to get dirty Netanyahu is definitely a much more polished politician, by walking away from the heat on his back

  8. It bothers me when I see that the Hareidim in the Knesset are screaming along with these idiots. I would hope that Frum Yidden are a bit more civilized.

  9. So … let me get this straight ..
    you guys don’t want converts ( or at least wanna put them through a 35 year process that has very little precedent prior to a few hundred years ago ) … don’t you think some civil Swedes or well-intentioned outsiders with civility could enhance our people ?
    Mi k’amcha????

  10. @hymish
    “… don’t you think some civil Swedes or well-intentioned outsiders with civility could enhance our people ?
    Mi k’amcha????”

    Perhaps some civil & well mannered Nazis too???

    Keep your manners for the dining room table, not when this wicked government passes racist (antisemitic) laws!!