IT NEVER ENDS: Israeli Expert Panel Advises 4th Vaccine Dose For Adults

A man receives his fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine in a private nursing home in Petah Tikva, Israel, Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2022. (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)

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An expert panel on Tuesday advised the Israeli government to begin offering a fourth vaccine dose to everyone over the age of 18, citing research showing it helps prevent COVID-19 infection and severe illness.

The advisory committee said research shows a fourth dose provides three to five times the level of protection against serious disease and double the protection against infection compared to three doses. The Health Ministry’s director must approve the recommendation.

Israel is already offering a second booster to everyone over the age of 60 and those at high risk as it struggles to contain a wave of infections fueled by the highly contagious omicron variant. It began offering third doses to the general population last summer.

Figures from Israel’s Health Ministry show there are currently some 580,000 active patients, with just 845 listed as seriously ill. Nearly half the population has received a third dose and more than 600,000 have gotten a fourth. Israel has reported 8,487 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

Israel has been on the leading edge of vaccine distribution since they were approved by health authorities in late 2020. It has gathered extensive data that is informing other countries’ responses to the pandemic.



  1. The irony of the Zionists making their Jewish citizens into guinea pigs for the rest of the world is that, halachically, medical conclusions reached from Jewish subjects do NOT necessarily apply to gentiles.

  2. Why are common colds so mild? Mostly Because we encounter them multiple times from birth. Similarly, multiple immunity events will make covid not dangerous. It will be some combination of infections and vaccinations. Infections will probably be coming either with new variants or about annually with waning immunity. For those who are smarter and will use vaccinations instead, it is just case of what are the right intervals between them. Initial US rollout of 3-4 weeks is now considered too short, multiple months between boosters sounds right.

  3. What never ends? The problem or the solution? Two years of misery apparently isnt enough. Pharoah needed 10 makkos, will we need 10 waves? Mock the solution but evidence proves that the mRNA shots REDUCES Covid spreading, suffering, complications and disabilities, hospitalizations and deaths at minimum risk. We lost loved ones and many Talmidei Chachamim. We lost our Hakaras HaTov by those who were hospitalized and pleading for people to pray for them, got better, then forgot the danger and swagger that covid is nothing. History will judge us. Headlines like these are totally irresponsible. This is Torah?? This is Yeshiva??

  4. “citing research showing it helps prevent COVID-19 infection ” ??? “figures show there are currently some 580,000 active patients ” !!! This is after nearly half the population has already received three doses and more than 600,000 a fourth . Highly effective in preventing infection .

  5. To the extent these boosters continue to show some material reduction in likelihood of infection and severity of illness, which all the studies continue to show, i have no problem spending a few minutes twice a year getting jabbed. Fortunately, I’ve had no side-effects from the vaccinations and b’h none of us or our family and friends have tested positive. I’ve never viewed the vaccines as “preventing” covid so the benefits they DO provide are pretty much as expected.

  6. On target, this is like a one car owner laughing at the other who adds oil to his car. Sounds like you prefer enjoying natural immunity and selection.