Rav Of Tehran Certifies Two New Shochtim For Kehilla In Isfahan

HaRav Gerami with the newly certified shochtim. (Twitter)

Two students of the Rav of Tehran, HaRav Yehuda Gerami, were certified as shochtim on Tuesday for the Jewish kehilla in the city of Isfahan.

“I wish great success in avodas hakodesh and zichui harabim to my talmidim who received semicha and shechita certification from me today and Mazal Tov to the kehilla in Isfahan. Chodesh Tov U’Mevorach.”

In an interview with HaRav Gerami’s wife in September 2021, she described what it’s like to be “an avreich in Iran.” She said that it’s accepted within the community. “Definitely, we have kollel avreichim in Tehran, Shiraz and Isfahan. My husband gives a shiur iyun in Gemara and shiurim for courses in Rabbanus and dayanus, shiurei halacha and Mishnayos, and Gemara shirurim in bekiyus and iyun.”

Apart from disseminating Torah, Rav Gerami, with the help of his wife, has established an extensive kashrus system throughout the country. There are five kosher restaurants in Tehran as well as restaurants in Shiraz and Isfahan.

There are 60 shuls throughout Iran but since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, most of them are closed.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Strange situation there. But you have to this Rav credit for doing a terrific job with the kehila under really touchy circumstances. Continue to grow!