Photo Essay: Some Images Of The Thousands Who Were Menachem Avel The Kanievsky Mishpacha (Photos By JDN)



  1. The way I was educated, it was also a מצוה for a woman to pay a שבעה call, so based on these pictures, I am wondering:- Is this something of the past that has gone into abeyance?

  2. HaRav Shaul Alter Shlita Rosh Yeshivas Ger was also menachem avel, but JDN doesn’t put pictures of him beacause Ger pays them, so next time don’t take pictures only from JDN.

  3. Would Rav Chaim be happy that you posted endless pictures of ppl being menachem his children? is this a kavod for his memory? or would you NOT posting this be a kavod for his memory?