BIG NEWS: Lakewood’s Girl School Teachers Begin Receiving $500 Pesach Bonuses after Massive Campaign


Morahs and teachers in Lakewood’s girl schools have begun receiving $500 bonuses ahead of Pesach after a massive campaign by a Lakewood resident to provide them with a respectable bonus on par with their male counterparts.

The campaign, called V’Romamtanu, was spearheaded by Mrs. Miriam Tress, who went into a 50/50 partnership with every girls elementary and high school in Lakewood. Mrs. Tress raised half the funds necessary for the bonuses, and the schools provided the other half of the required funds.

In December, Mrs. Tress addressed the Torah U’Mesorah President’s Conference weekend summit where she announced her plan.



  1. ‘Respectable’ ?????
    Mechanchim who teach our children day in day out and have 6 children of their own need the same 200,000 a year to live as everyone else. What a shame they grovel for jobs at the ‘amazing’ rate of $40,000 -60, 000 a year. Wooooow. Shame on us . Many askonim do wonderful things for them . But the system is really stacked against them. Theres no reason a Morah or Rebbe shouldnt be starting at 100,000.

  2. nebach, nebach, nebach.
    with lkwd prices, now these morahs can buy 2 yomtov dresses to divide amongst them and their 4+ daughters
    (if they’re super frugal, maaaaybe they can get 3 dresses…)
    still, thank you for those who helped to get this much. it is a step in the right direction. i just hope that this doesn’t make people think that the problem is solved… we’re so far from there still…

  3. if every person who eats out the week before pesach would serve their kids macaroni and cheese for 1 night, and give what they would have spent at a restaurant to the moros, you would be able to give out a few thousand dollars to each mora for yom tov

  4. First of all, THANK YOU MRS. TRESS!!!!! She deserves a lot of credit. Like with everything, it will take time to pick up but she finally got everyone thinking – and like us, discussing. I remember in high school after her mother was niftar she spoke to us and I bought the recording (“tape”) and listened to it over and over again. She just makes so much sense! Let’s be happy that we’re getting somewhere. ALSO VERY IMPORTANT: Ask school admins – people don’t even pay this! so the issue is with the parents’ priorities. Look at the houses… cars… clothing… Don’t blame the schools.