SEE THE VIDEOS: Williamsburg Shomrim Apprehends Serial Apartment Burglar


Williamsburg Shomrim members were deployed on Wednesday afternoon for reports of a male jumping fire escapes and presumably burglarizing apartments.

Upon arrival, Shomrim members were unable to located the man and a search of nearby apartments resulted in no evidence of a burglary having been carried out.

Several minutes later, Shomrim received another call, this time from an individual reporting that a male suspect was running through backyards after robbing an apartment.

Shomrim members quickly responded to Hewes Street between Lee and Marcy, where the call had come in, and maintained visual contact on the suspect as he dashed from yard to yard in an attempt to make his getaway.

Eventually the suspect reached the Sambertheli shul, where Shomrim members were waiting for him. The NYPD had arrived at that time, and the suspect was taken into custody.

It was subsequently determined that the thief had broken into several apartments. It wasn’t immediately clear what, if anything, he had stolen.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. “Awe, the poor man was hungry, why you making such a big issue about this”. I’m sure they’ll be saying that might soon!

  2. If Obama had a son, would he perhaps look like this?

    What Chutzpah of the NYPD!!!! How do you arrest a fine citizen wearing a mask?!