MISSING AND AT RISK: Israeli Teen From Modiin Illit Missing For Over A Month [VIDEO]

Avraham Moshe Kleinerman

The Israel Dog Unit issued an “urgent appeal to the public” in its search for a missing youth whose life may be in danger.

Avraham Moshe Kleinerman, 16, of Modiin Illit was last seen over a month ago at Meron. He has a thin build, dark hair and eyes, and wears glasses.

The unit requests that anyone who knows about his whereabouts or could be of assistance in finding him should contact Israel Police at 100, the Israel Police Modiin Illit station at 08-644-7200, or the Israel Dog Unit-Search and Rescue at 054-487-6709.

In the heartbreaking video below, Avraham Moshe’s parents beg the public for help.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This is missing some important details-
    this boy was injured in a terrorist attack a while ago
    He has ongoing injuries
    That’s why it says he is in danger

  2. kugs – I was too. But I was trying to be don lekaf zechus. Maybe you have some good ideas?? I thought maybe the family was embarrassed at the beginning and tried to do their research quietly. I got an email this morning with more of the story, that the boy did lots of hitchhiking to go to spend time with some Breslover rov that came from America. He hitchhiked to Bnei Brak, Yerusholayim, Meron etc. One person said that he took him in the car and the boy was talking about going to see graves in arab places. He tried to talk him out of it. Everyone please daven for Avrohom Moshe ben gittel that he should be found safe and alive.

  3. I read about this boy RL long time ago. Why hasn’t there been a progress in finding him.
    It seems the police and public have more important things to deal with with.
    What if , Chalila, this was a female from a secular or Datti leumi background ? The world would be turned inside out.
    Why not a priority?

  4. @Chaylev Halyah, that comment isn’t even remotely funny. What a lack of compassion & ahavas yisrael.

    YWN, why allow this kind of comment through?