TRUMP’S FAULT: Al Sharpton Blames Former President for Buffalo Mass Shooting


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Noted racist baiter Al Sharpton says he’s found the real culprit behind the mass shooting in Buffalo, NY, in which 10 people were killed: Donald Trump.

Discussing President Biden’s reaction to the shooting, Sharpton, who is also a rabid anti-Semite,  said: “If this does not make the White House say, wait a minute, we need to call in leaders from all these communities, and we need to send a signal that we are antithetical to Donald Trump’s presidency about that there is fine people on both sides when marching down Charlottesville streets saying Jews will not replace us. This manifesto said Jews are using blacks to kill whites. He needs to dramatically show that this administration is against it.”

“Don’t forget when you opened up playing where President Biden then as a candidate was talking about what Donald Trump as president did,” Sharpton continued. “This young man was fifteen years old then, so it was not that radical when the president of the United States says there are fine people on both sides.”

“The mainstreaming of this hatred, the mainstreaming of we will not be replaced, this kind of mainstreaming of this opens and broadens the whole pathway to people like this young man to feel that they’re standing up for something. Why else would he be live streaming? He didn’t do it and run and hide, and we find him a week later in a different state hiding under a bed in a motel. He live-streamed it.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Yeh, from the man who helped perpetuate the Tawanna Brawley Hoax which ruined peoples lives & careers & caused unrest in an otherwise peaceful neighborhood! Hey Al, have you Maddox, Mason & Tawanna finished paying your restitution to Pagones? Also Al, have you paid all your Tax debt? I wouldn’t put it past this slob to go tossing Trump hats & signs on the shooters parents property!

  2. What language is he speaking? That’s not English. He sounds almost like Biden in his more senile moments.

    He also repeats the LIE that Trump ever said there were fine people among the neo-nazis in the “Jews will not replace us” incident, which took place the evening before the Charlottesville riot. At the riot there certainly were fine people on both sides, as well as awful people, and Trump was 100% right to say so.

  3. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. The immoral lying adulterer certainly ” normalized” white supremacy and republicans either actually support it outright- gosar, Greene, or are silent. With the rare exception of Cheney and Kinzlinger.
    Anyone supporting, condoning or staying silent on white supremacy is no one the Jewish community can support, at our own peril r’l.

  4. Sharpton is totally incorrect. Its just a coincidence that most of the despicable right-wing racists espousing the
    “replacement theory” rants also happen to be wearing red MAGA hats and sharing their garbage on right wing media sites.

  5. This bigot and race hustler caused the Crown Heights riots in 1991, in which Yankel Rosenbaum HYD was murdered. He should be in an orange jumpsuit but at the very least, he should crawl under some rock and stay there permanently.