TERROR IN ISRAEL: Attempted Stabbing Attack In The Shomron [Dramatic Video]


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An Arab on Tuesday morning attempted to stab IDF soldiers stationed at a checkpoint near Shechem in the Shomron, running toward them with a knife.

The soldiers opened fire and neutralized him, with the entire dramatic scene caught on nearby security cameras.

The terrorist was shot in the lower body and remained conscious.


Yossi Dagan, the head of the Shomron Regional Council, thanked the soldiers for their quick actions and slammed the government for its lack of deterrence in the face of the countless terror attacks in recent months.

“All of Am Yisrael supports the IDF soldiers, Israel Police, and the security forces who prevent murderous attacks in the Shomron throughout the country day after day,” Dagan said. “But at the same, we must clearly say to this government – which has lost its deterrence again and again – we’re waking up to another morning in which the terrorists of the Palestinian Authority act without fear to murder Israelis in broad daylight.”

“The Israeli government has lost its deterrence. This is already obvious to everyone. The Palestinian Authority is the financer and instigator of these attacks. Until the political echelon instructs the security forces to operate inside the villages to arrest senior Palestinian Authority officials instigating this terror, we will wake up to many more mornings like these. The government must come to its senses and change direction.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. And then they will bring him to Hadassah for the best medical care and his kroivim will go on a rampage and destroy hospital equipment.

  2. We mourn the death of a fellow innocent Palestinian that stood up to fight for the blood of our jewish brothers in mea shearim. We would have to do it ourselves. VCHOL HAMINIM KREGA YOVEDU