Jerusalem: Out Of Control Riot As Arabs Attempt Car Ramming, Hurl Explosives [VIDEOS]

The funeral of Walid a-Sharif in Jerusalem’s Old City, Monday, May 16, 2022. (AP Photo/Mahmoud Illean)

Israel Police lost control of the situation in Jerusalem as hundreds of Arabs engaged in violent riots during a funeral in east Jerusalem on Monday evening and hurled stones, heavy blocks, bottles and explosives at the police while yelling anti-Israel chants and “with our souls and blood, we will redeem you, martyr.”

The funeral was for Walid a-Sharif, a Palestinian who fell over and hit his head as he was hurling rocks at the police during riots on Har HaBayis a few weeks ago. He died over the weekend from the head injury he incurred.

The Arabs marched from Har HaBayis toward the cemetery between east Jerusalem and Mea Shearim, waving Palestinian flags while continuing to hurl objects at the police.

When the procession reached Salah a-Din Street, Arabs threw objects at the police from the roofs of the buildings as well as explosives, as can be seen in the videos below:

In Abu Tur, a car accelerated toward police and tried to ram into them, hitting a passerby who was at the scene. The officers shot at the car’s wheels and arrested the five Arabs inside the car.

Six police officers were lightly injured by rocks, and two of them were evacuated to the hospital. Arabs also damaged a number of cars and harmed a number of passersby.

The rioting and violence began at the cemetery itself, with the Arabs using gravestones as cover:

It was the worst riot in Israel since those during Operation Guardian of the Walls a year ago,

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Very foolish, suicidal Jews buy into the hallucinations of “diversity”, “democracy”, “equality” etc. by allowing Yishmael equal rights with Jews, thus ignoring the Torah’s warning that Yishmael is a pereh adam.

    Yishmael simply does not accept the rules of civilization that Jews and most Xtians accept, and he exploits “democracy” to destroy the “infidels”.

  2. To mr. Right jew:

    Stop spreading hate. We respect every community the way they are.

    The isrealy nazi regime is the worst

    We suffer more from the zionist than muslims. Remember how they coldblooded kidnapped Yemeni kids. Are they jews. We pray for the destruction of the isrealy government

  3. How insane it is that the Arabs are able to march openly like that waving the flags of terrorist organizations and openly chanting for war against the Jews, in OUR Eretz Yisroel while WE are “in control.”

    The correct, proper, and halachic response would be to shoot and kill every one of these Arabs, including stone throwers and anyone heard chanting to “redeem the martyr.” Shoot-to-Kill; and yes, even children.

    Anything else would be totally unjust, immoral, and against the torah. We have an OBLIGATION of Pikuach Nefesh here that the government is ignoring. Israel is basically asking Hashem to send more and more deadly terrorist attacks CH”V to occur onto the Yidden.

  4. The officers should not have “shot at the car’s wheels & arrested the five Arabs inside the car,” they were attempting to run people over.

    Instead, they should have fired directly at the vehicle several dozen times until every one of the five pieces of trash were riddled with bullets in their skulls…

    and then afterwards wrapped their dead bodies in pig skin and launched by catapult into Jordan…