ICU RIOT: Arabs Beat Staff At Hadassah Hospital, Destroy Equipment

Hadassah spokesperson

A particularly violent incident took place at Hadassah Har HaTzofim Hospital on Monday evening after members of an Arab family began to riot after they were informed that their relative had died.

The hospital staff engaged in extensive resuscitation attempts after the Arab was rushed to the hospital in critical condition due to overdosing on drugs. When they were forced to declare his death, dozens of his relatives went beserk, storming into the ICU and rioting.

They broke doors and windows in the unit, damaged the nurses’ station, including the computers and equipment, and beat staff members, two of whom had to be treated in the hospital’s emergency room.

The hospital security guards, with the assistance of the Israel Police, eventually restored order, but staff members were left in a state of shock and distress.

The hospital director and director of social services met with the staff to help them process the incident and express their support. “We at Hadassah express deep shock at the severe incident that happened here, at a place that we only think about saving lives and alleviating patients’ pain,” hospital director Tamar Elram said. “Our staff, dedicated people who faithfully fulfill their jobs around the clock, were beaten and injured. It’s unbelievable that after the efforts invested in treating the patient, his family ‘rewarded’ them with such severe violence.”

“We cannot remain silent until they are punished to the fullest extent of the law. I stand here tonight in sorrow and show my support to each and every one of our staff members. One of the nurses told me: ‘I’ve been a nurse for 21 years and this is the first time I feared for my life.'”

“We’ll continue to do everything to restore the staff members’ sense of security in the face of violent incidents.”

Unfortunately, incidents of Arab violence at Israeli hospitals are common but the incident on Monday was unprecedented in its severity.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Besides the death of a family member, they’re probably just upset cuz some perverted prison guards once anally probed them when it was known they had no weapon there and they hadn’t even broken any law while they were detained in the Russian Compound or something, and that anger just flares up every now and again against the Sodomites they are forced to share the land with.

  2. Due to what has happened I think the correct policy is to direct all Arabs to an Arab hospital or facility. This would be fair to all.

  3. This is what happens when u have Arabs in the government
    Israel has its hands tied and cannot protect its citizens unless the Jews of all stripes and colors unite to strengthen the country and put the Arabs in their place

  4. We in the state of israel are very good people and allow everyone to participate in the statehood even Animals who use and abuse the hospitals that is there to save their lives. We can not and will not prosecute any members of the Arab brotherhood since in order to stay in power we (the government) are dependent on them to vote for our agenda. So what if the Animals have started to spray gun the Jews and murder Jews in cold blood?, So what if we donate millions to Arabs and take away the Jewish benefits, we don’t view the “minority” as hostile, they are free to act out their aggression as they are trained and educated to do.
    So izraeli government will continue the brotherly love policy no matter how much the state has to pay in payment and people will suffer. This is the policy and price of founding father Ben Gourion and law the self preservation. Hail to stay in power at all costs.
    Hail to power
    Hail to Arabs who are in unity government
    Hail to Bennet and Abbas (of PA) two partners same vision.

  5. Did they capture these sub-humans?
    If we keep treating Arabs
    as people, instead of the animals they are, this will never end.

  6. Not the fault of those stupid Arab dogs. It’s those Israelis that allow it to happen. This would never happen in any other Arab country
    Kick them out or just leave them out

  7. I’m glad to see our Arab neighbors doing a wonderful job destroying this hospital. So many jews suffered from the hospitals during covid. We call it payback time

  8. No. 1 I think Y. Glazier is correct. Send them to an arab hospital.
    No. 2 There are several arabs that are fine, this arab family acted like real deadly snakes.

  9. To jayd:
    The nurses now are going to quit, so why do you call this payback. We are all losing. no more nurses no more hospitals no more hospital staff.
    jayd: Do you want people to simply die at home?