NOT SO GREEN: IDF Unveils Hezbollah Post Disguised As Environmental Org.

Illustrative. Hezbollah operatives at a reconnaissance base disguised as a Green Without Borders outpost on the Lebanese/Israeli border. (IDF spokesperson)

The IDF reported on Wednesday that it has uncovered a Hezbollah observation post near the Israeli/Lebanese border disguised as a branch of the Green Without Borders environmental group.

“Uncovered: A new frontal reconnaissance site of the Hezbollah terrorist organization on the Lebanese border to gather intelligence under the cover of the Green Without Borders organization,” the IDF’s Arabic-language spokesman wrote on Twitter.

“New photos documenting Hezbollah activists at the site in violation of Security Council Resolution 1701.”

Amir Baram, the commander of the IDF’s Northern Command, said on Tuesday that Hezbollah has recently increased construction on military posts near the border.

“We can see them at the border area,” Baram said. “We know who they are, where they come from, and where they’re working. When the time comes they’ll pay the price, as well as those sending them and the villages that serve as their terror bases. We will destroy all infrastructure on the line of contact.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)